4th Grade Syllabus


4th Grade ́s Expectations and Procedures

September 2020

Welcome Students and Parents!

This is going to be a wonderful year!  We are excited to get to know all of the 4th grade students and watch them grow to their full potential.

This syllabus includes some expectations and procedures that are required in the 4th grade classroom and at the school. 



Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class. It is your responsibility to show up to class on time and prepared for the day. The school day begins at 8:05 am.  You are allowed 15 unexcused absences the whole year. It is considered a half day absence if you show up after 8:30am. For additional information, please see the Student Handbook under Absences.


Pick up

It is imperative that you are on time to pick up your child. We will be running staggered dismissals and 4th grade will be outside for parent pick up at exactly 2:55. Teachers need to get students over to the buses by 3:00 and have to stay with their assigned class. If you are late to pick up your child, it will hold up the entire bus dismissal. 



You are considered tardy if you show up to the classroom after 8:05am. If you are going to be tardy, you need to go to the office to receive a tardy slip to be admitted into the classroom. For additional information, please see the Student Handbook under Tardy Policy.


When You Are Absent

Please see your homeroom teacher if you have a planned or unplanned absence. We will discuss when the work is due depending on how many days you were gone. If you are absent during a quiz or test, you need to check with your teacher to determine a time to make it up. The best times to make up a quiz/test is before/after school or during lunch. 


NOTE:  You may get your work ahead of time if you know you are going to be absent. These assignments must be completed and turned in upon arrival.



All birthdays will be celebrated in the classroom. You are welcome to bring a treat for every student on your assigned day. Due to Covid, all birthday treats must be pre packed.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated on your child’s half birthday. Do not bring treats containing nuts due to nut allergies. 



It is your responsibility to bring your own snack! Please do your best to choose a healthy snack, but keep in mind all snacks must be pre packed this year.  Do not bring treats containing nuts due to nut allergies. 



At the end of the day, you need to fill out your homework assignment planner.  We will go over the planners as a class everyday. You need to circle assignments that are homework for that evening. Please remember to have your parents sign the homework assignment notebook every night. If you do not have a parent signature twice in a week your child will have to meet with their teacher during a designated time to discuss ways to improve. 

Turning in Assignments

All assignments must be turned in on time and into the designated slot. Assignments will be collected the day they are due. If a paper is incomplete, you will need to turn it into the designated spot. Please do not turn in the work to your teacher or put them on your teacher’s desk. 


Red Folders

4th grade will not be doing Red Folder this year. Instead, student work and any important form will be sent home in your child’s planner or emailed directly to parents. We are trying to go as paperless as possible early in the school year, so any form that can be sent digitally will be and paper copies will only be sent by request. 


Classroom/School Rules

Elder Grove follows the rules: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. 4th grade has a huge emphasis on kindness and accountability. We strive to teach students to be aware of how their actions affect others. 



See Student Handbook

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See Reopening Plan 

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Google Helpful Tips



Outlaw Pride: Generations of Success, Striving for Excellence 

Please complete the Google Forms questionnaire as soon as you have read through this form with your child. We will be asking parents to provide us with the best phone and email address to reach you at as this will be imperative if we are asked to move to online learning at any point in the year. 


Thank you!
Mrs. Dailey
Mrs. Flanagan
Mrs. Jore