5th grade   

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  • 10/14

    Reading: Mayas comprehension

    Language: Proofreading paragraph/ il and ir prefixes

    Math: 1.5 go math

    Science: Read13.1

  • 10/12

    Reading: Read 1-15

    Language: Mayan Paragraph

    Math: Mystery Number

    Science: Study Guide 12.3

  • 10/11

    Reading: Golden Age of the Maya

    Language: Subject predicate/ Ir and il prefixes

    Math: Standard and Expanded forms

    Science: Changes in matter/ Physical and Chemical changes in google classroom

  • 10/7

    Reading: Mayans, Incans and Aztecs

    Language: Parts of Speech

    Math: Place Value


  • 10/6

    Reading: Mayas, Incans and Aztecs

    Language: Timeline

    Math: Place Value

    Science: Finished Atoms and Elements Slides

  • 10/5

    Reading: Morphology quiz

    Language: Dibels testing

    Math: Order of Operations test

    Science: work time

  • 10/4

    Reading: SSR

    Language: BOY testing

    Math: Review/ Task Cards

    Science: Elements

  • 10/1

    Reading: Testing

    Language: Personal Narratives 

    Math: multiplication

    Science: Elements slide

  • 9/30

    Reading: Unit Test

    Language: Personal Narrative

    Math: Order of Ops/ Trash Can Game

    Science: Read 12.3/ 12.3 Vocab due

  • 9/29

    Reading: Round Robin 

    Language: Round Robin 

    Math: Exponents quiz  retakes/makeup work/ mystery math

    Science: Vocabulary 12.3

  • 9/28

    Reading: Mental Image Analysis

    Math: Exponents Quiz, Grouping

    Language: Strong Adjectives 

    Science: Study Guide 12.2

  • 9/23

    Math: The Beach Witch, Order of ops handout

    Reading: Shared our narratives, Point of View

    Language: Think pair share

    Science: Scavenger hunt, Study guide 12.2

  • 9/21

    Math: Division google assignment/ GEMDAS handouts

    Reading: Rosa Parks- details

    Language: Surprise Narratives

    Science: Chapter 12 lesson 2 vocabulary

  • 9/17

    Reading: Tone

    Math: Order of operations

  • 9/16

    Reading: Rosa Parks

    Math: 1.10 Numerical expressions

    Science: Atoms and Elements in google classroom

  • 9/9

    Reading: Personification/Narratives

    Math: Exponents handouts


  • 9/8

    Reading- Strong Verbs/Strong Adjectives/Blanco's Tale

    Math- Exponent Dice Game

  • 5/12

    Math: Comprehension Testing

    Spelling: Lesson #29

    Language: Day 1 and 2

    Reading: Finished Caesar 

    Writing: research papers due

    Social Studies: Read 

  • 5/11

    Math: SBAC Testing

    Spelling: Lesson #29 Sections C-G/ Home activity/Modified Lesson

    Language: Work Time

    Reading: Caesar- Read/Packet/Bell ringer

    Writing: Research papers due tomorrow

    Social Studies- Read and Respond in Google Classroom


  • 5/10

    Math: Graphing

    Spelling: Lesson #29 Sections C, D, E, F, G and Home Activity

    Language: References Scavenger Hunt

    Reading: Caesar

    Writing: Citations

    Social Studies: Read and Respond

  • 5/5

    Math: Test

    Spelling: Finished Lesson #28

    Language: Resources Cut and Paste

    Reading: Finished Dirk/ Packet

    Social Studies: The Tea Act

    SBAC Testing


  • 5/3

    Math: Elapsed time and measurement handouts

    Spelling: Home activity

    Language: Google classroom packet

    Reading: Dirk/ Comprehension

    Writing: Research Packet/Paper

    Social Studies: Townsend Packet


  • 4/27

    Math: Mid Ch. Check/ 10.5

    Spelling: SP #27

    Language: Context Clues Sort

    Reading: Ike/Packet

    Writing: Research papers

    Science: Study time- Test tomorrow

    Social Studies: The French and Indian War

  • 4/26

    Math: Makeup work

    Spelling: Lesson #27 Sections C,E,FG

    Language: Moby Assignments- Context Clues

    Reading:  Corrected Chapter 1

    Writing: Started writing Research papers

    Social Studies: Read: Chapter 7


  • 4/22

    Math: 10.3

    Spelling: Lesson #26/ Test Tomorrow

    Language: Task Cards in google Classroom

    Reading: Dog packet vocabulary

    Writing: Research Paper

    Science: Review


  • 4/15

    Math: 10.1 Continued

    Spelling:  Maps Testing

    Language: Presentations

    Reading: Review for Test

    Science: Packet KWL, Vocabulary sections

  • 4/14

    Math: 10.1

    Spelling: MAPS testing

    Language: Projects

    Reading: Moose on the Move and Whoop it Up

    Science: Gravity KWL Chart

  • 4/12

    Math: Test


    Language: Game

    Reading: The Koala Search

    Science: Read F4-F13/ Vocabulary

  • 4/7

    Math: 11.9

    Spelling: Lesson #25

    Language: Task Cards

    Reading: Hot For Hybrids

    Science: Communicate what you know

  • 4/6

    Math: 11.6

    Spelling: Pretest/ Lesson #25 Home activity

    Reading: Beehive project

    Language: Dialect and Registers

    Science: Review for test


  • 4/1

    Math: 11.5

    Spelling: Review

    Language: Dialect and Register Notes

    Reading: Presentations

    Writing: Easter Packet

    Science: Finished Brightness of the Stars

  • 3/31

    Math: Mid Chapter Check

    Spelling: Review #24

    Language: Notes

    Reading: Presentations

    Writing: Easter

    Science: Packet

  • 3/26

    Math: Triangles-11.2 

    Spelling: Test #23

    Language: Titles handout

    Reading: Text Structures project

    Science: Brightness of the Stars packet

    Writing: Easter packet

  • 3/24

    Math: Area and Perimeter

    Spelling: Lesson #23 Sections D-H

    Language: Work Day

    Reading: Cause and Effect

    Science: Stars Packet

  • 3/23

    Math: Test

    Spelling: Lesson #23

    Language: Escape Room

    Reading: Notes

    Writing: Easter Writing packet

    Science: Read/ Study Guide/ Vocabulary

  • 3/22

    Math: Review

    Spelling: Lesson #23 Home activity/ Pretest

    Language: Digital Task Cards

    Reading: Notes

    Writing: Easter packet

    Science: Finished Solar Packet 

  • 3/17

    Math: St Patrick's Day Math

    Spelling: Lesson #22/ Test Tomorrow

    Language: Notes

    Reading: Task Cards

    Writing: St Patrick's Day Writing

    Science: Solar Patterns Booklet

  • 3/16

    Math: 9.3

    Spelling: Pretest/ Lesson #22/ Home activity

    Language: Punctuating Titles Notes

    Reading: Resources Task Cards

    Writing: St Patrick's Day Digital Writing

    Science: Solar Patterns Packet

  • 3/9

    Math: 9.1

    Spelling: Lesson #21 Section D,G,H Home activity

    Language: Test

    Reading: Review

    Science: Notes


  • 3/8

    Math: 8.4

    Spelling: Lesson #21 Sections D,G,H, home activity

    Language: Fanboys, Introductory words

    Reading: Tornado Summaries 

    Science: Read D32-D37


  • 3/4

    Math: Multiplying fractions

    Spelling: Lesson #20- Test tomorrow

    Language: Parts of Speech

    Reading: Tornadoes

    Writing: Finished Informative papers

    Social Studies: Studied for test tomorrow

  • 3/3

    Math: Mixed number multiplication

    Spelling: Sections D,G,H,I

    Language: Day 3 and 4

    Reading: Summary

    Social Studies: Study Time

  • 3/2

    Math: 7.6

    Spelling: Lesson #20 Sections D,G,H,I

    Language: Corrections/ Day 1&2/ Adverb-Adjective

    Reading: Notes

    Writing: Subtopic #3

    Social Studies: Slide 16-21/Studied

  • 3/1

    Math: 7.3/ handout

    Spelling: Lesson #20 Section D/ Home Activity

    Language: Penguin and Dinosaur handouts

    Reading: Summary

    Writing: Subtopic #2

    Social Studies: Study guide

  • 2/25

    Math: Catch up day

    Spelling: Lesson #19/ Sections D,E,F,G- Test tomorrow

    Language: Commas to set of introductory words

    Reading: Slide

    Writing: Subtopic paragraph #1

    Social Studies: Read/Study Guide- due tomorrow

  • 2/24

    Math: Multiplying fractions

    Spelling: Lesson #19 Sections D-H

    Language: Test

    Reading: Test

    Social Studies: Guided notes

  • 2/23

    Math: Test

    Spelling: Section D, lesson 19

    Language: Commas in a series review/ Test tomorrow

    Reading: Secret of Silk

    Writing: Subtopic 1 paragraph

    Social Studies: Finish presentations/Read

    Happy 100th Day of School!!

  • 2/22

    Math: Review for test tomorrow

    Spelling: Home activity

    Language: DOL #6

    Reading: Focus

    Writing: Introduction

    Social Studies: Presentation

  • 2/18

    Math: Fractions practice

    Spelling: Lesson #18 review

    Language: Commas handout

    Reading: Summary



  • 2/16

    Math: Mixed numbers

    Spelling: Review lesson #18

    Language: Commas in a series

    Reading: Main Topic

    Writing: I am Lucky Because...

    Social Studies: Influential Leaders Slide



  • 2/11

    Math: Mid Chapter Check

    Spelling: Lesson #17 Sections D,F,G,H- Due tomorrow

    Language: Commas in a Series

    Reading: Dolphin/Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

    Social Studies: Influential Leaders

  • 2/10

    Math: 6.5

    Spelling: Section F

    Language: Test

    Reading: Read works

    Social Studies: Notes


  • 2/9

    Math: 6.4

    Spelling: Lesson #17 Section D

    Language: DOL #15

    Reading: Test

    Writing: Informative paper

    Social Studies: Notes


  • 2/8

    Math: Adding and subtracting like denominators

    Spelling: Pretest/Modified Lesson

    Language: work time

    Reading: Theme handouts

    Writing: Informative Writing Packet

    Social Studies: Notes


  • 2/4

    Math: Simplifying fractions

    Spelling: Lesson #16 Sections E,F,G,H Home Activity

    Language: Combining sentences handouts

    Reading: The Stone

    Writing: Lesson #2 Informative Packet

    Social Studies: Read/Notes

  • 2/2

    Math: Test

    Spelling: Section E and Home Activity

    Language: Combining Sentences

    Reading: Cinderella

    Writing: Informative Papers

    Social Studies: Read

  • 2/1

    Math: Review/ Decimals Test Tomorrow

    Spelling: Pretest #16/ Modified Lesson

    Language: Combining Sentences

    Reading: Theme/Topic

    Social Studies: Enchanted Rock Map

  • 1/29

    Math: Decimal Review

    Language: Kahoot

    Spelling: Correct/Test

    Reading: Theme/Topic Notes

    Social Studies: Cookie Topography


  • 1/27

    Math: 5.6

    Spelling: Section E

    Language: Finished Reducing sentences notes

    Reading: Test

    Writing: Packet

    Social Studies: Map Notes

  • 1/26

    Math: Decimal by whole number division

    Spelling: Lesson #15 section D

    Language: Reducing Sentences Notes

    Reading: Review

    Writing: January Packet

    Social Studies: Types of Maps

  • 1/25

    Math: 5.4

    Spelling: Pretest/ Home Activity #15

    Language: Reducing Sentences notebooks

    Reading: Point of View

    Writing: January Writing Packet

    Social Studies: Northeastern States Test

    Science: Read A2-A15

  • 1/21

    Math: 5.1

    Spelling: Lesson #14 Sections D-I/ Home activity

    Language: Expanding Sentences handout

    Reading: Notes

    Writing: January Writing

    Science: Test Review


  • 1/20

    Math: 4.8

    Spelling: Lesson #14 D-I, Home activity

    Reading: Comic Strip Presentations

    Language: Expanding sentences

    Science: Kahoot/Video


  • 1/19

    Math: 4.8

    Spelling: Lesson #14 Home Activity/Pretest

    Language: Expanding Sentences

    Writing: January Packet

    Reading: Comic Strip

    Science: Study Guide 4.3/ Vocabulary

    Social Studies: Northeastern Study Guide


  • 1/15

    Math: 4.7

    Spelling: Test

    Language: Test

    Reading: Comic Strip

    Writing: January Writing Prompt

    Science: Read 4.3/ Notes

  • 1/14

    Math: 4.7

    Spelling: Lesson #13 due tomorrow

    Language: Escape Room 5.L.1C/ Test tomorrow

    Reading: Comic Strip

    Writing: January Writing Prompt

    Science: Videos

  • 1/13

    Math: 4.3

    Spelling: Lesson #13

    Language: 5.L1C Test

    Reading: Notes

    Science: 4.1 Notes/ Study Guide


  • 1/12

    Math: Adding and subtracting decimals/ Introduced multiplying decimals

    Spelling: Lesson 13

    Language: Task Cards

    Reading: Third Person 

    Writing: January prompt

    Science: Read chapter 4 lesson 1


  • 1/11

    Math: Packet

    Spelling: Pretest/ Lesson #13 sections D,E,F,G and Home Activity

    Language: Task Cards

    Reading: R5.6 Notes

    Writing: January Packet

    Science: Re-read 2.1 and 2.2/ Vocabulary due tomorrow.

  • 12/15

    Math: 3.12

    Spelling: Lesson #12, sections A,C

    Language: Escape Room- Present Perfect Tense Verbs

    Reading: Read Works- A Hero At Heart

    Science: Vascular/Non-Vascular Handouts


  • 12/14

    Math: 3.9/ Holiday Family Shopping

    Spelling: Review Lesson #12 Sections A,C

    Language: Perfect Verb Tense Task Card

    Reading: Point of View

    Writing: Christmas Packet

    Science: Chapter 2, lesson 2. Vocabulary/ Study Guide

  • 12/11

    Math: 3.8

    Language: Verb Tense Task Cards

    Spelling: Correct/Test

    Reading: Test

    Science: Photosynthesis

  • 12/10

    Math: Test

    Language: Day 1-4

    Reading: Tone, Meaning, Contribution

    Writing: Christmas Packet

    Science: Leaf photosynthesis model

  • 12/9

    Math: Review/ Test Tomorrow

    Science: Who Needs Dirt

    Language: I Can Verb digital assignment

    Reading: The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse


  • 12/8

    Math: Review/ Test on Division tomorrow

    Spelling: Lesson # 11 Sections E,F,G, home activity, modified lesson

    Language: Tense sort

    Reading: Review/ Test tomorrow

    Writing: Christmas gifts

    Science: Study guide/vocabulary Chapter 2 lesson 1


  • 12/7

    Math: Division practice

    Spelling: Pretest/Lesson #10

    Language: Perfect tense handouts

    Reading: Review/ Test Tomorrow

    Writing: Christmas Packet

    Science: Read chapter 2 lesson 1

  • 12/4

    Math: Snowflakes 

    Spelling: Corrected lesson #10/ Test

    Language: Perfect Tense Task cards

    Reading: "The Mouse and The Lion"

    Writing: A Tree of My Own writing

    Social Studies: Finish States Map

  • 12/3

    Math: Division with 2 digit divisors

    Spelling: Lesson #10, Sections D,E,F,G,H

    Language: Perfect verb tense guided notes

    Reading: Tone, and Beauty in Cinderella

    Writing: Opinion Papers are due today

    Social Studies: State Capitals

  • 12/3

    Math: Handouts/ Dice Game

    Social Studies: States Map

    Language: Notes

    Reading: Notes

  • 12/1

    Math: Quiz/handout 

    Spelling: Lesson 10, sections D,E,F,G,H

    Language: Notes

    Reading: Book Report Presentations

    Writing: Peer Edit

    Social Studies: Test

  • 11/30

    Math: Movie Marathon

    Spelling: Pretest/Lesson #10 Sections D,E,F,G,H and Home Activity

    Language: Work Time

    Reading: Book Report Presentations

    Writing: Opinion papers

    Social Studies: Timeline

  • 11/12

    Math: 2.2/Handout #8

    Spelling: Test

    Language: Spoons/Review

    Reading: Test

    Social Studies: Blitz

  • 11/11

    Math: 2.2

    Spelling: Lesson #8 Sections D-H/ Test Tomorrow

    Language: Escape Room

    Reading: Chapter 15

    Writing: "Should We Eat Bugs" Handout

    Social Studies: Explorers Video handout

  • 11/10

    Math: 2.1

    Language: Spoons

    Reading: Chapter 13 and 14

    Spelling: Lesson #8 Sections D-H

    Writing: "Should We Eat Bugs" Video

    Social Studies: European Voyages Map


  • 11/9

    Math: 2.1

    Spelling: Pretest #8/ Sections D-H

    Language: Homophones

    Reading: Chapter 12

    Writing: Thanksgiving Dinner

    Social Studies: Voyager Map

  • 10/6

    Math: Division packet

    Spelling: Test/ Corrected lesson #7

    Language: Homographs

    Reading: Folders/Chapter 11

    Social Studies: Finished ships handout

  • 11/5

    Math: 5NBT6 Notes

    Spelling: Rainbow words/Finished lesson- Test Tomorrow

    Language: Homophones

    Reading RL5.3 Test

    Writing: Finished Narratives

    Social Studies: New Trade Routes/ Ship handout

  • 11/4

    Math: Multiples of 10/Order of Operations review

    Social Studies: Astrolabe

    Language: Synonyms and Antonyms Quiz/ Day 3&4

    Reading: Bell Ringer/ Chapter 11


  • 11/3

    Math: Factors

    Spelling: Lesson #7 Sections C,E,F,G,H

    Language: Placement test/Day 1 and 2

    Reading: Chapter 10

    Writing: Work Day-Narratives

    Social Studies: Compass

  • 11/2

    Math: Placement test/ 5NBT6 Notes

    Spelling: Pretest/ Lesson #7 sections C,E,F,G,H

    Language: Power Point

    Reading: Venn Diagram

    Writing: Narrative work time

    Social Studies: Navigational Tools


  • 10/29

    Math: Puzzles/Quiz

    Spelling: A,B,C,D Lesson #6

    Language: Synonyms and Antonyms Interactive Notebooks

    Reading: Venn Diagrams

    Writing: Guidelines for Narrative

    Social Studies: 3.2



  • 10/28

    Math: Task Cards/Worksheet

    Social Studies: Read 3.1

    Language: Test

    Reading: Finished Chapter 9 vocab and bellringer


  • 10/27

    Math: Mixed Review Powers of 10

    Spelling: Lesson #6 Section B

    Language: Slide Review for Test- Test Tomorrow

    Reading: Chapter 9 "Number the Stars"

    Writing: Transitions

    Social Studies: Test

  • 10/26

    Math: Conundrum/Quiz

    Spelling: review Chapter 6 A,B,C,D

    Language: Slides

    Reading: Chapter 8 "Number the Stars"

    Writing: Spooky Stories Booklet

    Social Studies: Globe Test Review

  • 10/23

    Math: Powers of 10 worksheet

    Spelling: Lesson 5 Test

    Language: Review Slides

    Writing: Hooks

    Reading: Chapter 8

    Social Studies: Globes- Notebooks

  • 10/22

    Math: 3.1

    Spelling: Lesson #5 Sections C,D,E,H and Home Activity

    Language: Preposition, Conjunctions and Interjections handouts

    Reading: Corrected packets

    Social Studies: Hemispheres worksheets

  • 10/21

    Math: Powers of 10 worksheets and Dice Game

    Social Studies: Map vs Globe

    Language: Digital Workbook

    Reading: Chapter 7 "Number the Stars"

  • 10/20

    Math: 1.1 Powers of 10

    Spelling: Lesson #5 Sections C,D,E,H

    Language: Work Time

    Reading: "Number the Stars" Chapter 6

    Social Studies: Hemispheres video and map

  • 10/19

    Math: Introduce Powers of 10/Notes

    Spelling: Lesson #5 Sections C,D,E,H

    Language: Digital Workbook

    Reading: Catch up on Vocabulary/pamphlet

    Writing: Character Formation

    Social Studies: Video/Notebooks

    If you do not have a Social Studies Notebook please bring one.

  • 10/14

    Math: 3.4

    Spelling: Movie

    Language: Movie

    Reading: Chapter 5 "Number the Stars"



    Science: Test


  • 10/13

    Math 3.3

    Spelling: Lesson #5 Section C


    Reading: Catch up day

    Writing: Sensory Web

    Science: Doodle/Test Review

  • 10/12

    Math: Finish 3.2/ Worksheets

    Spelling: Pretest #5

    Language Arts: Digital Task Cards

    Reading: Chapter 4 "Number the Stars"

    Writing: Developing an Idea

    Science: Google Slide test Review/ Test Wednesday

  • 10/9

    Math: 3.2


    Language: Escape room

    Reading: Chapter 3 "Number The Stars"

    Writing: Spooky Story Packets

    Science: Notebooks

  • 10/8

    Math: Mystery #/ Timing/ Place Value


    Language: Day 1-4

    Reading: "Number The Stars"- Pamphlet- Chapter 2

    Writing: Finished slide presentation/Spooky video

    Science: Google Assignment-Matter

  • 10/7

    Math: Timings

    Science: Study Guide 14.2

    Language: Interjections

    Reading: Chapter 1/ pamphlet


  • 10/6

    Math: Go Math lesson 1.2

    Spelling: Maps Test-Math

    Reading: Number the Stars Introduction

    Language: Testing

    Writing: Testing

    Science: Review Notes

  • 10/2

    Math: Test

    Spelling: Test/Corrected 

    Language: Conjunctions google classroom

    Reading: Making Inferences

    Writing: Art

    Science: E92 1-14/ Chapter 14.2 vocabulary

  • 10/1

    Math: Review for test

    Spelling: Lesson # 4, Sections E,F,G,H- due tomorrow

    Language: Correlative Conjunctions Sort

    Reading: Introduction to "Number the Stars"

    Writing: Pumpkin art project

    Science: Read 14.2


  • 9/30

    Math: 1.12

    Science: Study Guide

    Language: Correlative Conjunctions

    Reading: Read Works

  • 9/29

    Math: Pirate Pig/ Snack Order

    Spelling: Pre test #4/ Section E

    Language Arts: Task Cards- Correlative Conjunctions

    Reading: Halloween Leftovers- Read Works

    Science: Chapter 14 lesson 1 vocabulary


  • 9/25

    Math: Order of Operations/Timings/@ by 2 multiplication

    Spelling: Test #3/Correct lesson #3

    Language: Task Cards- Conjunctions

    Reading- Venn Diagram Goldilocks vs Red

    Writing: Finished typing 6 Trait paper

    Science: Video

  • 9/24

    Math: 2 by 2 multiplication/ GEMDAS

    Spelling: Lesson #3 Sections D,E,H,I Due tomorrow

    Language: Conjunctions handout

    Reading: Character traits

    Writing: Type Fall 6 trait 

    Science: Read chapter 14

  • 9/23

    Math: Practice/ 2 by 2 multiplication

    Science: Element Slide

    Language: Compound sentences-Conjunctions

    Reading: Ta-Na-E-ka


  • 9/22

    Math: Trash Can Game

    Spelling: Lesson #3 Sections D,E,H,I due on Friday

    Language: Notebooks/Video

    Reading: Ta-Na-E-Ka

    Writing: Started Fall 6 Trait typing

    Science: Mask Break

  • 9/21

    Math: Parenthesis, Brackets and Braces

    Spelling: Lesson #3 Sections D,E,F,H,I

    Language Arts: Similes and Metaphors Quiz/ Conjunctions

    Reading: Notebooks

    Writing: Mask Break

    Science: Study Guide 12.2/ Finish vocabulary

  • 9/18

    Math: Adding 3 digit by 3 digit/ Order of Operations

    Spelling: Corrected lesson #2/Test

    Language Arts: Nature Walk

    Reading: Character Notes

    Writing: Dust Bunnies

    Science: Chapter 12 lesson 2 notes

  • 9/17

    Math: Exponents

    Spelling: Lesson #2, Section D, F, G Test Tomorrow

    Language: Simile and Metaphor Sort/ Video

    Writing: Fall 6 Trait Rough Draft

    Science: Chapter 12, lesson #2

  • 9/15

    Math: 1.10

    Spelling: Lesson #2 Sections D,F,G

    Language: Similes and Metaphors

    Reading: Venn Diagram

    Writing: Fall 6 trait

    Science: Notes

  • 9/11

    Math: Task Cards/ Exponents worksheet

    Spelling: Correct lesson/ Test

    Language: Simile and Metaphors

    Reading: Owl Moon Poem

    Science: Partner read chapter 12

  • 9/10

    Math: Exponent War/ Handout

    Spelling: Lesson #1 Sections D,E,F,G Due Tomorrow

    Language: Google Slide

    Reading: Google Slide

    Science: 12.1 Study Guide

  • 9/8

    Math: Khan Video/ handout

    Spelling: Pretest/ Lesson #1 Sections D,E,F,G

    Language: Similes and Metaphors handout/ Video

    Writing: Mask Break

    Science: Read Chapter 12 lesson 1

  • 3/13/20

    ELA: informative writing - Draft due Monday

    Math: by the numbers

    Spelling: test/corrections

    No reading or Science today

    Amazing Shake Presentations

  • 3/12/20

    ELA: informative writing

    Math: by the numbers

    Spelling: #26 F,G, H, ABC order

    Reading: test

    SS: correct and study

    **15 AR points by tomorrow

  • 3/11/20

    ELA: Informative writing

    Math: quiz

    Spelling: Lesson #26, F,G, H, ABC order

    Reading: worksheet

    Science: corrections

    SS: study guide due tomo!

  • 3/10/20

    ELA: informative writing/ body paragraphs

    Math - fraction multiplication review

    Spelling - Lesson #26, F, G, H, ABC order

    Reading: presentations

    SS: quiz

    Science: vocab and worksheet due tomo!

    *** Pizza Party TOMORROW ***


  • 3/9/20

    ELA: informative writing - Intro and Body

    Math: pg 461 and worksheet

    Spelling: Lesson #26, F, G, H and ABC Order

    Reading: project

    Science: video

    SS: quiz tomorrow!

  • 3/6/20

    ELA: writing projects - research (lesson #8)/intro paragraph (lesson #10) DUE MONDAY

    Math: Pg. 327, 2 - 15

    Spelling: test

    Reading: projects - 15 AR points due next week

    Science: video/reading

  • 3/4/20

    ELA: notes

    Math: multiply fractions - cut and paste

    Spelling: Sec D and e, ABC order - #25

    Reading: read

    Science: worksheet/corrections/vocab

  • 3/3/20

    ELA: parts of speech

    Math: multiply fractions (pg. 453, 1- 18)

    Spelling: ABC order, D and E Lesson #25

    Reading: project

    SS: test

  • 3/2/20

    ELA: note taking/bellringer

    Math: multiply fractions

    Spelling: lesson #25, Sec. D and E

    Reading: tornado (AR - 15 by Friday)

    Science: review and vocab

    SS: mid-west states TEST TOMORROW


  • 2/28/2020

    ELA: Research

    Spelling: Correct lesson

    Reading: Summarizing

    Math: Test

    Science: Read/Corrected

  • 2/27/2020

    Reading: Summarizing

    ELA: Citing Online Sources

    Spelling: Lesson #24 Sections A-D Review

    Math: Review of adding and subtracting fractions/ Test Tomorrow

    Social Studies: Studied/ Test Next Tuesday

  • 2/25/20

    ELA: finding sources

    Math: mixed number review

    Spelling: #24, Sec. A - D

    Reading: read - 10 AR by Friday!

    Science: reading/vocab

    SS: study guide due tomorrow (mid-west states)

  • ELA: DOL #16

    Reading: Read Works

    Spelling: Lesson #24 Sections A-D

    Math: Renaming pages 405 1-5 and 406 1-6

    Social Studies: Test- Western States


  • 2/24/20

    ELA: Topic and subtopics

    Math: subtraction renaming

    Spelling: review #24, Sec. A-D

    Reading: file/read

    Science: read

    SS: test tomorrow!!

  • 2/20/20

    ELA: subtopics chart

    Math: regrouping with fractions (worksheet 3 -13)

    Spelling: #23 Sec. D, E, abc order  and one menu item

    Reading: worksheet

    SS: study 

  • 2/19/20

    ELA: picking a topic

    Math: renaming fractions (pg. 391, 3 -13)

    Spelling: Lesson #23, Sec. D and E

    Reading: worksheet

    Science: vocab/worksheet

  • 2/18/20

    ELA: Informative writing topics

    Math: mixed number review

    Spelling: pre-test #23, Sec. D and E

    Reading: worksheet

    SS: pre-test on states

  • 2/13/20

    ELA: parts of speech

    Math: fraction quiz

    Spelling: Lesson #22, D, E, F + menu - Test TOMO!

    Reading: worksheet

    SS: poster presentations

  • 2/12/20

    ELA: Informative writing intro

    Math: fraction add/subtract

    Spelling: #22, Sec. D, E, F


    Science: test

    SS: project due tomorrow!

  • 2/11/20

    ELA: DOL

    Math: add/subtract fractions

    Spelling: #22, Sec. D, E, F

    Reading: worksheet

    SS: project time (Due Thurs!!)

    Science: TEST!!

  • 2/10/20

    ELA: bellringer, dialect quiz

    Math: add/sub fractions

    Spelling: Lesson #22, Sec D, E, F

    Reading: worksheet

    Science: corrections and study guide (test on Wed!)

  • 2/7/20

    ELA: presentations

    Math: fraction renaming

    Spelling: correction/post test

    Reading: game

    Science: study guide


  • 2/6/20

    ELA: presentations

    Math: fraction subtraction

    Spelling: ABC order and spelling menu - test tomo!

    Reading: test

    SS: projects

  • 2/5/20

    ELA: finish projects 

    Math: renaming fractions

    Spelling: D,E, ABC order and menu item

    Reading: AR

    Science: vocab and video

  • 2/4/20

    ELA: work on projects

    Math: mixed numbers 

    spelling: Lesson 21, Sec. D and E

    Reading: test review

    SS: correction and project start


  • 2/3/20

    ELA: bellringer and projects

    Spelling: Lesson 21, pretest

    Math: mixed number addition and subtraction (pg. 387 2 - 10)

    Reading: story and notes / AR-  4 by Friday!

    Science: vocab, reading, review


  • 1/31/20

    ELA: DOL

    Math: review fraction addition and subtraction, vocab quiz

    Spelling: test

    Reading: Venn diagram

    Science: video

  • 1/30/20

    ELA: bellringer, game

    Math: fraction addition and subtraction - VOCAB QUIZ TOMO!!

    Spelling: Lesson 20, Sec. G - SPELLING TEST TOMO!!

    Reading: compare and contrast, notes

    SS: worksheet

  • 1/28/2020

    ELA: Notes/Power Point

    Reading: Notes

    Spelling: Lesson #20 Sections E and F

    Math: Game on adding fractions/ worksheet

    Social Studies: Read/Corrected

  • 1/27/20

    ELA: Definitions/Notebooks

    Spelling: Pretest/Section D

    Reading: Read Works

    Math: Page 532-533 1-10/ 535 1-9

    Science: Vocab/Review

  • 1/24/20

    ELA: test, correction

    Math: adding fractions

    Spelling: test, corrections

    Reading: AR reading

    Science: corrections, read

  • 1/22/20

    ELA: Task cards - combine sentences

    Math: Simplifying Fractions

    Spelling: Sections D and E

    Reading: Notes

    Science: Read

  • 1/21/20

    ELA: creative writing - Snack Attack

    Math: GCF

    Spelling: Lesson 19, word sort/pre-test

    Reading: POV worksheet/notes

    SS: read and worksheet 

  • 1/16/20

    ELA: correct numbers and bellringer, DOL

    Math: game and equal fractions

    Spelling: Less 17 - D, F, H, I

    reading: star test

    SS: worksheet/reading

  • 1/15/20

    ELA - correct/ pg. 525 in W.S. 

    Math - equal fractions

    Reading - notes

    Spelling - #17, D, F, H, I

    Science - reading

  • 1/14

    ELA: Combining Sentences

    Reading: Comic Presentations

    Spelling: Lesson #17 D,F,H,I

    Math: Test- Dividing Decimals

    Social Studies: Read/ Worksheet

  • 1/13/20

    ELA: expand and reduce sentences - review

    Math - divide decimals review TEST TOMORROW!

    Spelling - Lesson 17 - D, F, H, I

    Reading - comics

    Science- read and correct

  • 1/9

    ELA - power point

    Math - dividing decimals 5.4 # 1 - 14

    Spelling: #16 D-H

    Reading: comic strip

    SS: revolution worksheet

  • 1/6

    ELA: Expanding Sentences

    Reading: 3rd person

    Spelling: Lesson #16 D-H

    Math: whole number division

    Science: Read

  • 1/3

    ELA: DOL #12

    Reading: Notes

    Math: Review/ Division handout

    Science: Video/Read


  • 1/2

    ELA: Write Source pages 516-518, Parts of Speech

    Reading: Notes

    Spelling: Math Timing

    Math: Pizza Bump

    Social Studies: Map due, Read

  • 12/19

    ELA:  Presented Opinion Papers

    Reading: Project Presentations

    Spelling: Corrected lesson #15/ Test

    Math: Corrected

    Social Studies: Maps

  • 12/18

    ELA: Peer editing/ Papers due

    Reading: Projects

    Spelling: Lesson #15- Test Tomorrow

    Math: Division pages 318-319 1-7 and 321 1-10

    Science: Test

  • 12/17

    ELA: Conclusion paragraphs

    Reading: Projects

    Spelling: Lesson #15

    Math: Quiz

    Social Studies: Map Projects

  • 12/11

    ELA: Opinion Paper-Introduction

    Reading: extra homework time

    Spelling: Concert rehearsal

    Math: Division

    Social Studies: Vocabulary 13.2 and 13.3


  • 12/10

    ELA: Verb Tense Escape Room

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 16 and 17

    Spelling: Concert Rehearsal

    Math: Division packet

    Social Studies: Worksheet-Review

  • 12/9

    ELA: Verb Tense Game

    Reading: Test

    Spelling: Christmas Bulbs art project

    Math: Task cards

    Science: Notes/Vocabulary

  • 12/5

    ELA: DOL #11

    Reading: Worksheet

    Spelling: Lesson #14

    Math: Test

    Social Studies: Read

  • 12/4

    ELA: Verb Tense

    Reading: Worksheet

    Spelling: Lesson #14 Sections D,E,G,H,I

    Math: Corrected/Zeros in the product

    Science: Corrected vocabulary

  • 12/2

    ELA: Interactive Notebooks

    Reading: Notes

    Spelling: Lesson #14 Sections D,E,G,H,I

    Math: Quiz

    Science: Read/Vocabulary

  • 11/25

    ELA: Idioms, Adages, and Proverbs Test/ Ornaments

    Reading: Reflection

    Spelling: Typetastic

    Math: Multiplying Decimals

    Science: Notes/Check Vocab

  • 11/22

    ELA: Corrected Bell Ringers/ Study Guide- Test Monday

    Reading: Test

    Spelling: Test/ Corrected lesson #13

    Math: Test

    Science: Vocab/Read AR


  • 11/21

    ELA: Slide Presentation/ Find the Adages  Thank you Coraleigh! You were amazing!

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 15

    Spelling: Lesson #13 Due Tomorrow

    Math: Adding and Subtracting decimals

    Social Studies: Corrected worksheet/Read



  • 11/20

    ELA: Pictionary

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 14

    Spelling: Lesson #13

    Math: Bumps 

    Science: Check Notes


  • 11/19

    ELA: DOL #10

    Reading: Number The Stars Chapter 13

    Spelling: Lesson #13 Sections D,E,F,G

    Math: Estimate Sums page 3.7

    Social Studies: handout

  • 11/18

    ELA: Proverbs worksheet

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 12

    Spelling: Pretest/ Lesson #13 Sections D,E,F,G

    Math: Dividing Decimals

    Science: Vocab/AR read

  • 11/15

    ELA: Corrected bell ringer/ Quotation Marks Page 495 1-8

    Reading: Chapter 11 Number the Stars

    Spelling: Chapter 12 review

    Math: Decimal Subtraction/ PEMDAS review handout

    Science: Notes/Vocab/Read


  • 11/14

    ELA: Idioms

    Reading: Number the Stars

    Spelling: Lesson #12 Sections A,B,C,D

    Math: Test/ Adding decimals

    Social Studies: Notes/Read

  • 11/13

    ELA: Idioms, Adages and Proverbs Game

    Reading: Folders

    Spelling: Lesson #12 Sections A, B, C, D

    Math: Review on standard algorithm

    Science: Note/Correcting


  • 11/12

    ELA: Notebooks

    Reading: Test

    Spelling: Lesson #12 Sections A,B,C,D

    Math: Handouts- due tomorrow

    Social Studies: Worksheets



  • 11/11

    ELA: Idioms

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 10

    Spelling: Chapter 12 Review Sections A,B,C,D

    Math: 5.NBT.5 Multiplication handouts

    Science: Vocabulary/Notes

  • 11/7

    ELA: DOL#9/ Corrected bell ringer

    Reading: Review/ Venn Diagram

    Spelling: Test/ Corrected lesson #11

    Math: page 45 1-16

    Social Studies: Correct/Read

  • 11/6

    ELA: Apostrophe Trick

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 9/Notes

    Spelling: Lesson # 11 Sections C,E,F,G and worksheet Due Tomorrow

    Math: 3 by 1 Multiplication

    Science: Notes


  • 11/5

    ELA: Test

    Reading: Chapter 9

    Spelling: Lesson #11 Sections C,E,F,G, handout

    Math: handout-multiplication 3 by 1

    Social Studies: Worksheet

  • 11/4

    ELA: Homographs/Task cards/Clips

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 8

    Spelling: Lesson #11 Sections C,E,F,G

    Math: 1.6 Multiplying 1 digit numbers pg 39 1-11 and 41 1-11

    Science: Plant Test

  • 11/1

    ELA: Corrected bell ringer/Homographs

    Reading: Chapter 7 Number the Stars

    Spelling: Corrected lesson #10/Test

    Math: Review/Test

    Science: Study time

  • 10/30

    ELA: Bell ringer/Spoons

    Reading: Chants

    Spelling: Lesson #10-Sections C,D,F,G,H

    Math: Review lesson

    Science: Corrected Study Guide

  • 10/29

    ELA: Spoons

    Reading: Star testing

    Spelling: Lesson #10 Sections C,D,F,G,H

    Math: Corrected worksheets/ Test Review

    Social Studies: Corrected/Read

  • 10/28

    ELA: Synonyms and Antonyms

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 5 

    Spelling: lesson #10 Sections C,D,G,H

    Math: 5.1/Quiz

    Science: Study Guide

    Please remember that the class party is on Thursday if you would like to bring treats!

  • 10/25

    ELA: Corrected bell ringer/DOL redos

    Reading: Study Hall

    Spelling: Corrected lesson #9/ Test

    Math: 5.1 pages 292-293 1-10

    Science: Assembly/Correct

  • 10/23

    ELA: Personal Narratives 

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 4/ Bell ringer

    Spelling: Lesson #9 Sections D-H due Friday

    Math: lesson 1.5 Go Math

    Science: Read

  • 10/22

    ELA: Personal Narrative

    Reading: Number the Stars chapter 5

    Spelling: Lesson 9 sections D-H

    Math: Correct Quiz

    Social Studies: Read correct

  • 10/21

    ELA: Personal Narratives

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 5

    Spelling: Lesson #9 Sections D-H/ Pretest

    Math: pages 24-25 1-11/ page 27 1-9

    Science:Corrected Plant diagrams

  • 10/15

    ELA: DOL# 7/Retakes

    Reading: Number the Stars chapter 4


    Math: Quiz/ Comparing Decimals handout

    Social Studies: Worksheet

  • 10/14

    ELA: Correlative Conjunctions Quiz/ DOL#7

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 3/ Bell ringer

    Spelling: none

    Math: Rounding decimals page 171 and 173

    Science: Plant project

  • 10/11

    ELA: Finished Task Cards/ Correlative Conjunctions

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 3

    Spelling: Corrected lesson #8/ Test

    Math: Maps testing

    Science: Notes/ Read

  • 10/10

    ELA: Task Cards/Corrected bell ringers

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 3

    Spelling: due tomorrow

    Math: Maps testing

    Social Studies: Explorers

  • 10/9

    ELA: Correlative Conjunctions sort

    Reading: Number The Stars Chapter 2

    Spelling: Lesson # 8 Sections D-H

    Math: Decimal Roll

    Science: Notes

  • 10/8

    ELA: Correlative Conjunctions

    Reading: Number the Stars Chapter 1

    Spelling: Lesson # 8 Sections D-H

    Math: MAPS testing- Reading

    Social Studies- Map skills

  • 10/7

    ELA: Interactive notebooks-Correlative Conjunctions

    Reading: Interactive Notebooks-Set up

    Spelling: Pretest/Lesson #8 Sections D-H

    Math: Review/Page 161 1-12 due tomorrow

    Science: Notes

  • 10/4

    ELA: Corrected bell ringers/ Narrative- Introduction

    Reading: Read Works

    Spelling: Test

    Math: page 159 1-14

    Science: Video



  • 10/3

    ELA: Test/ DOL#6 Colon and Commas

    Reading: Venn Diagram

    Spelling: Lesson #7 D-H evens only

    Math: page 153 1-13 and 155 1-8

    Social Studies: Maps

  • 10/2

    ELA: Corrected Conjunction handout/ Test Tomorrow

    Reading: Little Red Riding Hood/ Venn Diagram

    Spelling: Lesson #7 Sections D-H evens only

    Math: Standard, Word, Expanded form

    Science: Maps

  • 10/1

    ELA: handout/ Test tomorrow

    Reading: Tan-na-e-ka

    Spelling: Lesson #7 Sections D-H evens only

    Math: Decimal place value 

    Social Studies: Video

  • 9/27

    ELA: DOL#5

    Reading: Character Traits

    Spelling: Corrected lesson #6

    Math: Lifetouch Pictures

    Science: AR/Notes

  • 9/26

    ELA: DOL #5

    Reading: Story 

    Spelling: Lesson #6 due tomorrow

    Math: 1.2 page 13 1-13/ Mystery Number game

    Social Studies: Presented Slides

  • 9/25

    ELA: Interjections handout/Game

    Reading: Notebooks

    Spelling: Lesson #6 modified and C,D

    Math: Reading Decimals game

    Science: vocabulary 2.1 due Friday


  • 9/24

    ELA: Conjunctions handout

    Reading: Comparing and Contrasting

    Spelling: Lesson #6 modified lesson and sections C and D

    Math: 1.1/ Riddle

    Social Studies: Researching/ Finish Slides

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