Open House 4th Grade

​Hello all!


We sincerely hope you have had an amazing albeit weird summer. Welcome to 4th grade! Class lists will be posted tomorrow through infinite campus (Friday, August 28th @ 4pm), so make sure to check that out so you can see which teacher you have. If you have not heard, we will not be holding an in person Open House this year, but will be going virtual. In this email, we have attached a presentation going over a few of the 4th grade procedures and will be holding a Google Meets to answer any questions that are not addressed in the presentation. The Google Meet will take place on Tuesday, September 1st at 4pm and 6pm, please respond to the Google Forms to allow us to be more prepared for the question and answer session. All three 4th grade teachers will be at the Google Meets. 


Open House Presentation:


Google Forms Link:



4th Grade Teachers