Giving at the Grove


Elder Grove Food Drive

It is time for our annual drive to help fight hunger.  This year is going to look a little different. We will be providing Thanksgiving boxes to our own Elder Grove families in need. Each grade will be asked to donate a specific item to add to our box. Please send items to school with your child to give to their teacher. 



Kindergarten: Stuffing

First: Canned Green Beans/Veggies

Second: Canned Cranberry Sauce/Fruit
Third: Instant Potatoes (Scalloped or Mashed)
Fourth: Pumpkin Pie Mix
Fifth: Boxed/Pre-made Pie Crust
Sixth: Canned Yams/Sweet Potatoes
Seventh: Turkey Gravy (Jar or Mix)
Eighth: Roll or Corn Muffin Mix

WHEN: November 1st-16th

WHERE: Take to your homeroom teacher.

This list provides suggested items, but all items are greatly appreciated. If you are interested in donating a turkey or ham, please contact Mrs. Rice at 656-2893 (ext. 514). We are accepting these donations on November 19th only due to lack of storage space.

We greatly appreciate all of your donations and we’re excited to give back to our wonderful families of Elder Grove. Have a wonderful holiday season.

If you are a family or know of people in our district in need of a Thanksgiving box, please contact Mrs. Rice at 656-2893 (ext. 514) by November 2. Boxes will be available for pick up on November 20th.





                                    The Giving Tree

Are you able to help an Elder Grove family in need this holiday season?  


Your generosity will not only help those who are struggling financially, but will also teach your child the importance of giving.  This year will be our 7th annual Giving Tree to help Elder Grove families in need; thank you!


  1. There will be a tree in the main office (building #1) with tags hanging on it.  Select a tag, but please sign out so all tags are accounted for.  Each tag will have the sizing information to provide the child with an outfit (shirt, pants, shoes) and a toy.  If you cannot come to school to get a tag, call Mrs. Whelchel and a tag can be sent home with your child.

  2. Families with multiple children will be listed with the number indicating the same family and a letter for each child, i.e. 1-A, 1-B, and 1-C would be three children in the same family. If you would like to shop for an entire family, that would be wonderful; please let Mrs. Whelchel know to help you in selecting the tags.

  3. Have fun shopping!

  4. Please wrap the gifts and attach the tags with the tag # to each item.


  • November 11th-December 2nd

  • The tags should be ready by NOVEMBER 11th

  • Please return gifts to the main office on or before DECEMBER 2nd

If your child would benefit from the assistance of The Giving Tree, please complete the back of this form and return to school no later than Friday November 11th.