Classroom Learning

This is Mr. Leintz's 3rd grade schedule for 3/12-3/23

There will be no early out on March 21st.  This has been cahnged to a regular day.

*I will be having a sub on Friday, March 3rd (Friday) and March 26th (Monday)


Reading/Language - AR required points for 3rd quarter is 15 points. 


My class will be reading Aero and Officer Mike in our basil reader.  Please be aware some time this week or next week your child will be bringing home a take-home-story to read to you.  Please initial on folder to verify if your child read it. Test will be Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Please bring story back the following school day. We will also be learning about character traits and analogies.

Vocab words-ability, shift, patrol, snap, loyal, lying, partners, quiver

In language we will coninute to write paragraphs using a topic, three supportive sentences, and a closing sentence.  We will be also be working on contractions to help us with our spelling test.


Math Class   

We our now starting on our fraction unit this week.  My students will aknowledge parts of a whole and demonstrate their knowledge by drawing pictures and labeling them.  


Social Studies 

Welcome to Mr. Leintz's social studies class.  In my class we will be learning about map skills.  My students will learn about map keys, cardinal directions, map scale, latitiude and longitude lines.  Your child wil lbe required to give the direction of a landmark, state, or city in relative to another place.  Students will also identify coordinates of specific cities found on the map.  Next week, my class will be scaling distances.


Please visit my webpage weekly to see what your child is learning in my class!