Science 2019 Parent Letter

Dear Parents and Students,

I am really looking forward to another exciting year with your child. This year there are going to be some changes to the way Science is run for 7th and 8th grade students. We will be utilizing the CK12 online course for our Science curriculum which the students can access at school as well as home.  7th grade students will continue to work on the Life Science portion of our standards and 8th graders will be working on Earth Science standards.  The main focus in the classroom setup will be student centered learning which will help differentiate learning for each of your children.  Student centered learning allows those who can flourish and learn on their own to excel at their pace, while those who need the one-on-one time are given the chance to get more individual/small group instruction.

All students will be required to meet adequate daily progress (ADP) which will be monitored to make sure everyone is on task and meeting their goals.  The ADP will be determined as we enter each unit and is based on the subject matter presented in the course material.   Some ADP will be determined by each individual section and the mini quizzes provided.  Any student not meeting their ADP will be required to come in to ICU to complete their assigned material.

Other material/resources that your child will utilize are: YouTube video’s (please see my website page for the distraction free YouTube download), labs, supportive material and extra worksheets.  All supporting resources can be found on my webpage under their class link and unit folder.

Your child will be given their individual sign in information so that they may access the sites anywhere at any time.  Students who complete the course material ahead of the rest of the students will be given the opportunity to work on extra labs, research, etc. which will give further knowledge of the content.  This extra work will be added points on to your child’s grade.  However, students who do not reach the extra content will not be docked points/percent due to not reaching the bonus labs.  The extra labs, research, etc. are designed for the students who work above and beyond their classmates and is not intended to harm their grade.

At the start of each unit, your child will be given the instructions for the final unit project.  They will be able to utilize extra time in class as long as they meet their ADP to research, plan, design, and create their final projects.  All final projects will be due at the end of the unit.  Some final projects will not meet these requirements and will fall into the whole group lab section i.e. blood lab, dissection, earthquake lab.  For these types of projects each student will be given/directed to the material required for these projects when we reach these sections.  There may be times in which I will stop all student centered learning to discuss certain topics in more depth to aid in the understanding of the material.



Ms. Crawford