Weekly Science Web Links


Weekly Science Requirements

Find an article that is science based (Life, Earth, or Physical).  Articles are to be a year old or newer.  Please answer the questions below.


Branch: Try to identify exactly which branch your article is related to i.e. Entomology instead of Life Science.

Who:    (Who is the article about, who discovered/invented it, or who wrote the article if the other two items are not available?)

What:  (What is the article about?  This is a summary of the article and should be the largest section, at least 5 sentences.)

When:  (When did it happen, when will it happen, or when was the article written if the other two are not available?)

Where:  (Where did it happen or where is it going to happen?)

Why Important:  (Why is this article important for us to understand)

 How: (How this discovery or invention will help/hurt us)



     *The Smithsonian TweenTribune.

     *Science News- Science Magazine.

     *Weekly Science Science Journal.


     *Science Magazine by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

    *Science Net Links by AAAS