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Welcome to Spanish. I am really looking forward to another great year and I hope you are too!  Below you will see the course description.

Course Type:  Spanish I                                               Course Text Book:  Expresate

Course Description:  Spanish I students will be able to develop abilities in world language; be able to read, write, speak, and listen for a variety of purposes; be able to communicate with basic social expressions and conventions of language and gesture; be able to use correct pronunciation and understand the written sound and meaning symbols; understand some basic structures of the language and be able to use the present tense; be able to ask/answer questions of personal information and everyday functions and respond verbally and in action to classroom directions and instructional vocabulary; be able to read and listen for main ideas and/or details and be to communicate efficiently in a limited number of simple real life situations; and possess a basic knowledge of history, geography, culture of the countries of the target.

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