8th Grade History  

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Welcome to 8th grade History.  I am really looking forward to another great year and I hope you are too!  Below you will see the course description.

Course Type:  History 8                   

Course Text Book:  United States History: Beginnings to 1877

Course Description:  U.S. History students will understand key influences which shaped our early history; possess a chronological perspective of early United States History; possess a sense of early United States History; identify issues that led to conflict among various groups in the United States; understand the relationship between human culture and early United States; and analyze the basic precepts of the government and explain how changes can be made.

  • CNN students new assignment


    Just a friendly reminder that the CNN student news assignment will be due the last Thursday of every month unless specified otherwise. We watch CNN student news during homeroom. Students are to record information from one story during the broadcast for this assignment. Transcripts for the broadcast can be found on cnnstudentnews.com. Students have been given the requirements and are fully aware of the expectations.

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