Tech Team Field Trip May 2021
Tech Team hard at work tearing down cash registers. Tech Team Working More tech team members working Student tearing down cash register Working on more cash registers Students playing video games The video games were a hit. Students working on cash registers Students working on tear down of cash registers. More tech team members working. Students working on tearing down cash registers and they are difficult. Students trygin to tear down locked drawer. Students looking at cash registers. Students on floor tearing down cash register. Students looking at parts in cash registers. Cash register drawers are fun to tear down. Arcade machine provides entertainment Upper floor of Yellowstone Ewaste with arcade games More arcade games Blurry photo Overall view of warehouse Middle view of warehouse Picture of warehouse from upper floor. Arcade games on upper floor. Lots of arcade games Enjoying lunch from High Point Networks. Enjoying lunch from High Point Networks. Watching the sorting machine. Watching the sorting machine. Taking a tour of the network at the library. Using Tinkercad to create 3D images to print. Using teen area Enjoying teen area at the library. Using computers at library Creating 3D items Watching return books come down the conveyor belt. Sorting machine. Sorting maching at library. Watching returning books. Sorting machine Students watching conveyor belt. Watching conveyor belt. Conveyor belt. Processing book through system. Processing books through system. Sorting machine Another view of sorting machine. Group photo of tech team that went on field trip. Tech team making some phone calls on old phones.