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Two, four, six, eight. I am the middle school wizard, Ms. Yochum the Great. I teach middle school math. This is my 20th year at the Grove. My concentration and strengths are in math and am very thankful to have the position of teaching math courses in the middle school. I enjoy working with Middle school students because they are a joy to be around and keep me on my toes day after day.

I am blessed with two children. My son Mason is 16, and daughter Madison is 14. We have the cutest puppy- Sullivan Joseph who is 8. We stay very busy with getting school work completed, sports, and just being a family.

I was born in Billings, but at the age of one, my parents moved our family to Chinook, MT, to help with the family business. Yes, I am from the high-line and am proud to be a Sugar Beeter! I was very active in sports throughout my years in Chinook. What else is there to do up on the high-line? I played basketball, volleyball, tennis, and was also a swimmer. I still enjoy playing basketball and volleyball, but have found that my age plays a definite role on my abilities.

As I got older in the big town of Chinook, I found myself needing money. I was a lifeguard at the good old Chinook city pool for 9 years and have many sun burns in my memories to remind me of those years. After having that experience, I thought I would try helping out in the summers at the family business. Our family owns a car dealership and mechanic shop. I knew I had the capabilities of detailing cars and had hopes of my dad letting me purchase cars at the auction for him. What more could you ask for? Buying high dollar vehicles with someone else's money! I soon came to find out that I couldn't wait for the days that were auction days because my dad did let me do some of the buying for the car lot. Plus to this day, I never want to detail another car. Some of those trade-ins were a challenge!

After graduating from Chinook High School (proud Sugar Beeter) in 1994, I decided to attend college here in Billings. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be a teacher, and Billings had a great school for this degree. Plus, my father attended the car auctions in Billings almost every week so I knew I would at least get a free meal once and awhile. I also had in the back of my mind if teaching wasn't in my future maybe I could be a car salesman!! :-) I graduated with a degree in education in the winter of 1998 and went to work at Lockwood with the Title 1 program. I then put out a ton of applications and found myself teaching at the Laurel Middle School where my first year I taught 6th grade science and 8th grade math. My second year I got to teach where my concentration was at and had all math subjects. I also coached 8th grade basketball and volleyball during my time at Laurel. After my second year, I found myself looking for a change and applied for a teaching job at Elder Grove.

I have really enjoyed the experiences I have had here at the Grove and look forward to the many more that I will have, especially working in the middle school.

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