Early Civlization

Early Civilization Unit

The following are links that are needed for the unit:

For the Hunter/Gatherer Webquest: 

Complete the webquest by looking at the following website and answering the questions. The first two questions are in the first video called How did the First Humans Live? Question number 10 is in the From Foraging to Shopping for Food video. The rest are in either the sections "Gallery: How did the First Humans Live?" or "Foraging."


For the how man created fire discussion:

Read Fire Technologies pdf that is assigned on the home page. Listen to the audio and read along to "How was Fire Discovered" and watch the following videos.




For the Tools Interactive:

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/stone-age-toolkit.html. Launch the interactive and click on the different tools to identify how they were used in the Stone Age.