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  Spelling Words and Sentences  

Theme 1 Week 1:    bag, win, is, am, his, has, ran, if, dig, sat, was, I, big, an, scratch, picnic

             Sentences:  I have a pen in my bag.       Help us win the game. 

Theme 1: Week 2:  fox, wet, nut, job, leg, fun, went, mop, hug, from, any, of, red, up, block, every

             Sentences:  Did the man get wet?         That fox runs fast.

Theme 1 Week 3:    bite, late, size, made, side, ate, fine, same, hide, line, give, have, gate, bike, shake, write.

              Sentences:   Did the bug bite her?         The bus is late.

Theme 1 Week 4:    fox, hide, made, ate, dig, went, size, sat, his, late, am, nut, wet, hug, ran, fun, mop, leg, job,                                                                                    bite,  every, write, shake, block, scratch.  

           Sentences:   A fox can hide.              The frog made his lunch and then ate it. 

Theme 1 Week 5:     pal, skip, dime, just, tape, bump, wipe, yet, wide, pile, huge, whisk.

            Sentences:    A pal is someone you like.       The girls skip along the path.

Theme 2 Week 1:     bone, robe, use, these, rope, note, cute, close, hope, those, one, goes, home, nose, drove,  mule.

           Sentences:     I fell and broke a bone.  My robe keeps me warm.

Theme 2 Week 2:      trip, swim, step, nest, club, stone, next, brave, glad, lost, frog, slip, space, storm. 

               Sentences:      I took a trip to the lake.  She knows how to swim

Theme 2 Week 3:      bell, off, all, mess, add, hill, well, egg, will, grass, shell, kiss, across, skill

                Sentences:      Who will ring the bell?    Take that hat off.

Theme 2 Week 4:      Review words from week 1 - week 3.

                Sentences:     How pretty the hill and these trees are!  My dog dropped his bone on the grass.

Theme 2 Week 5:      neck, lake, sick, ask, lick, pack, woke, kick, lock, poke, take, make, package, wreck

                Sentences:      A swan has a long neck.     They swim in the lake.

Theme 3 Week 1:       when, sheep, both, then, chase, teeth, teach, dish, which, than, wash, catch, lunch,                                            whistle

            Sentences:      You know when to clap.            The farmer has sheep.

Theme 3 Week 2:       train, tray, mail, play, trail, pay, sail, hay, nail, rain, they, great, stay, day, snail, subway


Theme 3 Week 3:      town, house, sour, frown, cow, clown, found, how, mouse, brown, could, should, around,                                        towel

               Sentences:         I live in a small town.                  My house is by the pond.

Theme 3 week 4:         clean, keep, please, feel, we, be, eat, tree, mean, read, the people, he, see,                                                         stream, steep

                Sentences:        His shop is clean.     You can keep playing.

 Theme 3 Week 5:      Theme 3 weeks 1-4 Review:  teach, sail, play, mouse, sheep, tree, wash, which, we, train,                                     than, frown, found, teeth, please, chase, when, eat, tray, steep, lunch, around, snail

Theme 4 Week 1:       car, smart, arm, park, yard, part, barn, hard, party, farm, are, warm, start, far,                                                department, carpet

             Sentences:    Our car had a flat tire.           My dog is very smart.

Theme 4 Week 2:       king, thank, hand, sing, send, think, bring, bang, end, thing, and, long, grand, young

             Sentences:     A king wears a crown.  Will you thank her today?

Theme 4 Week 3:       boat, cold, road, blow, gold, old, load, snow, hold, most, toe, do, so show, goal, rainbow

             Sentences:     I want to sail the boat.  The lake is cold.

Theme 4 Week 4:       Review words from Week 1 through Week 3-Theme 4:

                                      farm, bring, hold, park, thing, boat, smart, sing, snow, yard, thank, blow, load, party,                                         hand, most, cold, think, send, road, department, grand, young, goal, rainbow.

            Sentences:       The polar bear was covered by a load of snow.     Will you sing at the                                                                  party?

Theme 4 Week 5:          born, core, short, morning, fork, four, horn, sport, torn, sort, snore, fort, more,                                                 store, forty, forest

           Sentences:  When were you born?      Don't eat the apple core.

Theme 5 Week 1:   flower, water, under, over, better, sister, brother, mother, father, after, that, shop, other, center

                                              Sentences: Can I smell the flower?       The plant needs water.


Theme 5 Week 2:  I'll, we've, I'm, you're, isn't, didn't, you'll, I've, it's, we'll, can't, it, us, they're, wouldn't 

                                              Sentences: I'll be at the party.         I know we've had fun!


Theme 5 Week 3:   puppy, baby, lucky, happy, very, lady, funny, silly, many, only, cookie, me, bee, furry, angry

                                              Sentences: My puppy has big feet.        A kitten is a baby cat.


Theme 5 Week 4: batted, running, clapped, stopped, getting, shopping, stepped, hugging, pinned, sitting, that, shop, jogging, flipped

                                              Sentences: The girl batted the ball.          He is running in a race.


Theme 5 Week 5: Review words from Week 1 through Week 4-Theme 5

                                              Sentences: When hugging my cat, I am always happy.        My sister is better at soccer.

Theme 6 Week 1: 


Theme 6 Week 2:


Theme 6 Week 3: