2019-2020 Parent and Student Syllabus

Mrs. Green 5th Grade

5th Grade Home Room:  Spelling, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies


        Welcome Back to another exciting school Year!!  Your child will have multiple teachers this year.  I will be teaching 5th grade Spelling, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies to my homeroom class. It will be a new adventure and may take a week or so to adjust to the schedule; however I am confident all will go smoothly.  I would like to take a moment and briefly go over some things about myself, review a few important policies, and discuss how to keep the lines of communication open between home and school.

        Please take some time to read and review the syllabus as there is important information for you to read and understand.  I will be sending home the first week of school a sign off sheet for you and your child to sign, indicating you have read and understand the syllabus.  Please return the sign off form no later than Friday, August 30th.    


Mrs. Green





Elder Grove Supervision/hours:

Students should NOT arrive to school before 7:45 AM, as their will be NO playground supervision provided before that time.  Students should also be picked up promptly after school.  We dismiss classes at 3:01 PM.  Students dropped off at school too early, or not picked up promptly can result in disciplinary actions.   These policies are in place for the safety of your child.


School and Classroom Rules and Expectations:

Be Respectful......Be Responsible.......Be Safe !!!!



Elder Grove Grading Scale:                                               

100%-90% = A

89%-80% = B

79%-70% = C

69%-60% = D

59% or lower = F


Tests/Quizzes/Homework Points

Daily Assignments:  10-20 points each

Special Projects:  100-200 points

Quizzes:  100 points

Tests:  150-200 points



          All students will be expected to complete all work in cursive handwriting, unless there is a medical diagnosis indicating that this cannot be done.



Grade Reports:

            Grade reports will be sent home weekly.   Reports will be sent home for any student who has a 70% or lower.  Reports will be sent via our “Infinite Campus Messenger”.  If your do not have an Infinite Campus login and password, you must contact our school secretary to get one.  It only takes a minute of your time to get a login and password.  The ability to access Infinite Campus will enable you to receive grade reports from any or all of your child’s teachers, receive reminders and mail from Elder Grove, and the ability to access your child’s grades instantly!  You will always know what your child has in any and all subjects.  As a parent I absolutely love Infinite Campus!



            Students will be taking a mid-morning recess and a lunch recess to shake the wiggles out, and visit with friends.  



            Taking a student out of school for appointments can be unavoidable at times.  However, if possible try to schedule appointments towards the end of the school day, or after school, as each time a student misses classroom instruction it put them behind.


Leaving the Classroom:

Please do not ask to leave the class room during lectures unless it is an absolute emergency.  You may use the restroom or drinking fountain between classes and during independent work times.  There may only be one student out at a time.  I will have bathroom passes on the wall.  If it is gone than you will need to wait until someone returns.


Dress Code:

            Please take a moment and review the dress code policy.  When temperatures are warm outside students want to wear cooler clothes.  Make sure that they are not short shorts, or tank tops with spaghetti straps.  Students not adhering to the dress code policy may have to call home to have appropriate clothing brought to school for them, the remainder of the day.  Please read the dress code policy in the student/parent handbook.


Absences and Tardy Policies:

            Please read the student handbook regarding these policies, as they are strictly enforced (page                27)


Absences/Make-up Work

        As a reminder, all absent work must be made up.  For every 1 day your child is absent, they have 2 days to make up their work.  Please see the Elder Grove Parent/Student Handbook.  Extended absences or vacations where work has been asked for ahead of time, is expected to be completed upon return.


Cellular Telephones and other Electronic devises:

            Carefully read the student handbook regarding this issue, as our school strictly enforces these policies, and could result in the student having the device/s, confiscated, or other further disciplinary actions.


Campus Security:

            All of our buildings on campus will be securely locked during school hours.  This is for the safety and security of all students and staff members on campus.  ALL Parents/Visitors MUST check in and get a VISITOR badge to be worn while you are on campus.  If you are having lunch with your child, you must check-in at one of the two offices (building #1 or building #5), then proceed to the lunch room.  Any person/s without a visitor badge will be promptly asked to either leave and retrieve a visitor’s badge, or leave campus.  All staff and administrators will be enforcing this policy.  Again, this is for the safety of everyone here on campus.


Morning Snacks: 

            Students will be given time in the morning to eat a HEALTHY mid-morning snack while at school.  Elder Grove does not provide the snacks, therefore it is the sole responsibility of the student to bring a daily snack.  I ask that students bring HEALTHY snacks only, and nothing requiring refrigeration, as there is not one available to keep items cold.  Students will not be allowed to eat unhealthy snacks.


Red Folders:

Each Tuesday of every week, students will be bringing home a red folder.  Inside the red folder you will find notes from your child's teacher, graded assignments, and letters from the school district.  The expectation is that the red folder be signed by a parent or guardian and promptly returned to school the following day.  The signature by the parent/guardian is mandatory for each student to ensure communication is reaching home.



Keeping and maintaining a planner is mandatory for every student.  Each day your child's teachers will be reviewing and aiding students in accurately completing their planners.  A parent MUST initial the planner each day ensuring that it is reaching home, and keeping the lines of communication open between school and home.  Work that is CIRCLED is to be completed at home as the student did not complete the extra practice at school.



Turning in Assignments:

All assignments must be turned in ON TIME and into the designated bin in the back of the room.  Assignments will be collected the day they are due.  Students will not turn in incomplete, unfinished, or unacceptable assignments.  



If a student scores below a 70% on daily assignments, quizzes or tests, the student MUST redo the entire assignment, quiz or test for a passing score.    Daily assignments may be redone during class or at home.  Quizzes and Tests must be redone before or after school.  Parents may review their child's scores and grades via Infinite Campus.  If you do not have an account please see or call our school secretary.  This is a very important tool for all parents/guardians to utilize. 





Power of ICU

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit, just like the hospital. ICU is a communication tool, a shared, school-wide document that tracks missing student assignments. The document helps teachers and administrators communicate with each other as well as with the students and their parents. Students learn quickly that if they have one missing assignment, their grade is sick and needs attention.




Elder Grove School is declaring war on student apathy!


The mission of ICU is to defeat student apathy through a culture where mastery, completion, and accountability are the standards for learning.

1.  Every student completes every assignment

2.  Mandatory extra time/help for all students

3.  Transformation of student grades to reflect learning



  •     Immediate parent notification of missing assignments via test/email.
  •     ICU List shared school wide.
  •     Rescue=extra time will be provided for your child at the student's morning recess (academy), before school, after school, and early out days.
  •     Lifeguard meetings each day to remind children of missing assignments.


ICU at Elder Grove School

In the attempt to support students in completing all of their extra practice there will be opportunities for your child to get the support necessary to be successful. Here are the times the rescue room will be available to support students.

  •     7:00am-8:00am
  •    Early Outs 1:00pm-3:00pm
  •    3:00pm-4:00pm

Teachers will be giving out quality assignments for students to get the extra practice necessary for students to excel in the standard being taught. Students will be expected to hand in high quality work. If work is not done to the quality the teacher has outlined then students can be put on ICU.

Students CAN NOT opt out of going to the “Rescue Room” if they are on the ICU list. If their name is on the ICU list they MUST attend a “Rescue Room” session. Once the assignment is successfully completed and deemed satisfactory by the classroom teacher, the student may leave the rescue room.




Below is what to expect if an assignment is not completed or done to the quality the teacher has outlined.

  •     1-2 Assignments: Email and text messages notifying parents. Student is expected to complete the missing assignment/s during the morning recess (academy), at home that evening and hand in upon completion.  If there are any missing assignments by Friday morning, your child will NOT participate in individual classroom reward programs  (T.G.I.F.).  
  •     3 or more Assignments: Personal contact is made with parent to assign a before or after school rescue room time.  Students will continue to be in the rescue room, before or after school, untill ALL assignments are completed to the quality and satisfaction of the teacher whom assigned the work. It will be the responsibility of the child's parent/s or guardian to arrange transportation for the student.
  •     10+ Assignments: Family day at the Grove. Parents will be invited to work with their child to complete assignments.


Thank you for taking the time to read the syllabus.  Please return the parent/student sign off sheet no later than August 30th.