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Hello Boys and Girls,

I am so glad that you are visiting this page! 

If you look below, you will find a lot of ways to learn and have fun. 


Never Stop Learning!


This year your children will learn so much in library class! Not only will they understand how the library is organized into sections and how to locate books in these sections, they will learn how to request materials and how to properly care for a book. They will have a lot of fun learning proper library behavior, the main parts of a book, the difference between fiction and nonfiction, and the definitions of an author and an illustrator.

The World of Books will open as your children learn to:

  • recall and communicate stories and characters
  • recognize repetition, rhythm and rhyme in nursery rhymes, poetry, and wordplay
  • recognize different “voices” for different characters in stories read aloud or viewed in audiovisual formats and performances


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