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In Computer Science, students will use computer programs to collect information, increase skill level, and create projects which will increase their knowledge of and independence on these highly efficient and productive tools for learning. Students are not expected to have a computer at home in order to complete assignments. If they utilize a computer at home to practice in specific programs or applications, this will likely improve their grade in addition to helping them become more productive and independent on the computer. Independence, initiative, and creativity on each activity or project will be welcomed and encouraged. Students will utilize many computer applications/activities during this course and may include the following:

  1. Keyboarding 

  2. Gmail

  3. Internet Safety

  4. Google Docs 

  5. Google Sheets 

  6. Google Slides  

  7. Google Draw

  8. Hardware and Peripherals 

  9. Research

  10. Digital Citizenship

  11. Website Reliability

  12. Digital Breakouts

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