Vision Teams

Elder Grove School will strive to achieve a safe, secure, and positive learning environment.  

We will create classrooms of master learners by use of well-developed curriculums, effective teaching strategies, and constructive feedback which allow for individual differences and learning styles.

To improve the quality of the educational experience, programs, and services, we will implement assessment tools to monitor teaching and learning, in order to gain feedback on student achievement.

We will foster communication, teamwork and trust among staff, students, parents, and community members to achieve unity and excellence.

  • We will provide a safe, orderly, and caring environment.
  • We will use research-based instructional strategies in order to address each student’s unique needs, strengths, and goals.
  • We will monitor the effectiveness of strategies and performance of individual students by utilizing differentiation of instruction, multiple assessments, and feedback.
  • We will foster our relationship with families and the community; focusing on developing a student-centered learning community.

Instructional Team

  • Jessica McMorris
  • Tammy Olson
  • Lorna Stokke
  • Christy Yochum
  • Terrilynn James

MBI Team

  • Heidi Schuster
  • Janet Steinbeisser
  • Kristin Wagner
  • Darcy Miller
  • Pam Jurovich
  • Traci Kathman
  • Anna Studer

School Wide Management

  • Tammy Robertus
  • Julie Kangas
  • Kristen Staffileno
  • Danielle Hoffman
  • Jami Kale
  • Chris Leintz


  • Lori Frank
  • Vicki Green
  • Jamie Dorhauer
  • Kim Kreiter
  • Amy Schumacher


  • Thomas Burke
  • Ann Gunderson
  • Cipi Tounsley
  • Jackie Clement
  • Karen Laborda
  • Brittany Jore