Meet our School Board Candidates!

Your mail-in ballot has hopefully arrived in your mailbox.  It is due May 5th.  We have two candidates for the open seat on the School Board.  Here is a little information on each candidate.  Please contact the school if you have any questions.

 Deanna (Dee) Schmitz  Richard Pope            
 Family photo Georgetown  rich
  • Running for 2nd term as School Trustee
  • Married to Ted Schmitz for 26 years
  • Has had children at EG since 2000
  • 2 children in college & 2 currently at Elder Grove
  • Volunteer in the Elder Grove library
  • Runs Competitive Adult Volleyball program
  • Member of Faith Chapel Foursquare Church since 1993
  • Loves to make old things like new again
  • Married for 15 years to Jeana Pope    
  • Billings resident for 15 years
  • 3 students currently at Elder Grove
  • Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State
  • Eagle Scout
  • Local Business owner for 12 years
  • Volunteers regularly with the Elder Grove PTO
  • Loves the outdoors, metal working, & wood working

New School Calendar is Here!

Are you trying to plan your schedule for next year?  Well here is the

Simply click on the calendar to be taken to a PDF version of the 2015-2016 School Calendar!  Hope it helps plan your year!

2015 2016 School Calendar

Love & Logic Parenting Class


love and logicLooking for parenting tips and strategies? There is an approach to raising kids that provides loving support from parents while at the same time expecting kids to be respectful and responsible. 

Many parents want their kids to be well prepared for life, and they know this means kids will make mistakes and must be held accountable for those mistakes. But these parents often fail to hold the kids accountable for poor decisions because they are afraid the kids will see their parents as being mean. The result is they often excuse bad behavior, finding it easier to hold others, including themselves, accountable for their children's irresponsibility.This approach is known as Love & Logic, a philosophy founded by Jim 

Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D., and based on the experience of a combined total of over 75 years working with and raising kids.

Jim Fay teaches us that we should "lock in our empathy, loveand understanding" prior to telling kids what the consequences of their actions will be. The Parenting the Love and Logic Way curriculum teaches parents how to hold their kids accountable in this special way. This Love and Logic method causes the child to see their parent as the "good guy" and the child's poor decision as the "bad guy." When done on a regular basis, kids develop an internal voice that says, "I wonder how much pain I'm going to cause for myself with my next decision?" Kids who develop this internal voice become more capable of standing up to peer pressure.

What more could a parent want? Isn't that a great gift to give your child? Parent child relationships are enhanced, family life becomes less strained, and we have time to enjoy our kids instead of either feeling used by them or being transformed from parent to policeman.

We hope you will join Anna Studer, School Counserlor, in learning more about parenting and how to nurture your parent-child relationship. The class is FREE if you live within our school district.  If you don't then the entire series is $40.

Classes will be held in the library and they begin Monday, April 20th and go for 6 weeks 6-7:30PM

To register please fill out Love & Logic Parenting Class Registration Form

Parenting: The Love and Logic Way
Session 1: Putting an End to Arguing, Back Talk, and Begging
Session 2: Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love
Session 3: Setting Limits Without Waging War
Session 4: Avoiding Power Struggles
Session 5: Guiding Kids to Own and Solve Their Problems
Session 6: Teaching Kids to Complete Chores...Without Reminders and Without Pay


Gardening Tips & Tricks Adult Education Class

GardenDid you want to get your garden off to a great start?  Well then you will excited to hear that the Adult Education Department has partnered with the Yellowstone County Extension Office to have a class taught at Elder Grove school.  Two Master Gardeners will teach 

Gardening Tips & Tricks

Thursday, May 14th 6-7:30PM in the Library

The class is free because the gardener's have graciously offered to donate their time and expertise.  To register for the class please go to this form:

Gardening Tips & Tricks Class Registration Form

We hope to see you there!

Women's Self-Defense FAST Classes


The Elder Grove Adult Education department has partnered with Billings Chi-Tu Do to offer the women of our community two Self-Defense F.A.S.T. Classes!  The classes will be held:

Level 1 - for beginners - Tuesday, May 5th 5:30-8:30PM

Level 2 - anyone who has taken Level 1 - Tuesday, May 12th 6-8PM

The classes will be held in the Little Gym and are open to all women 14 years and older.  The acronym F.A.S.T. stands for Fear Adrenal Stress Training and has been found to be the most effective means of training people for the reality of confrontations! 

To read more about the class visit the links below.  You MUST register for the class no later than May 3rd 2015!  The classes are normally $60 per person but Billings Chi-Tu Do has graciously offered to teach the women of our community for $10 per student per class!  So now is the time to learn how to protect ourselves in stressful situations!  The class is limited to 25 participants so sign-up now to save your spot!

Women's Self-Defense FAST Classes REGISTRATION Form

What is FAST?