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2015 2016 School Calendar

THANKS AGAIN to the Society of Petroleum Engineers

The 6th-8th grade students would like to thank the Society of Petroleum Engineers for their generous grant that allowed for the purchase of microscopes, balances, Science Fair awards, and fetal pigs. So far all three grades have utilized the microscopes and balances.

6th Grade -IMG 2861

  • Learned how to mass and applied their skills by massing powders for their Ooblek, Glurch, and Glorax lab
  • Utilized the balances to mass out powders for their Mystery Powders lab

7th Grade - 

  • Reviewed how to mass and applied their skills to mass their Osmosis Gummy Bears
    • They had to mass their bears three times: before soaking in water, after soaking in water, and finally after soaking in a super saturated salt solutionIMG 2849

8th Grade - 

  • Utilized balances to help find the density of an ice cube and water to help grasp the concept of glaciers

FUTURE LABS to include, but are not limited to, dissections, rock/mineral testing, forces testing, friction labs, and more.

Therefore, we give a great big Thank You to the Society of Petroleum Engineers for all they have done to enhance our science labs.


IMG 2989

Robotics at Elder Grove - Thanks to a Grant!

WOW!  The middle school wants to give a huge thank you to the Society of Petroleum Engineers for the $2300 grant to purchase a class set of Spheros.  We have had an amazing time learning to program these sphere robots. We are able to maneuver through a maze and currently are programming them to pull student constructed chariots.  What an amazing learning experience!!  Thanks for helping make education fun!!




Fallen Outlaw Memorial Garden

Part of the construction process is going to include a Fallen Outlaw Memorial Garden to honor and remember those Outlaws we have lost over the years. It is going to be in front of building #2 where the new bus drop off will be located. It will be a beautiful garden that honors all who have past too  soon.

If you wish to support this effort financially please contact Nathan Schmitz at the school or send your donation to the school in care of the memorial garden. Thank you in advance for all support given in this effort to honor and remember those no longer with us.