School Hours

K - 2nd Grade                      8:01AM - 2:15PM

3rd - 8th Grade                    8:01AM - 3:01PM

Early Out  - ALL Grades        8:01AM - 1:01PM

Office Hours

Main Office                          7:45AM - 3:45PM Mon - Fri

Middle School Office             7:45AM - 1:30PM Mon - Fri

Ways to Get Information

There are many ways to connect, as a Parent, to the information at Elder Grove School. 

Infinite Campus

Provides information about your students grades, assignments, absences, etc.  If you need to register for this, or if you have forgotten your password please contact Ann Gunderson, Librarian/Media Specialist.

 Community Station

This is where you can go to gain information about our Adult Education Program that was started in January 2012.  There are classes, activities, and events throughout the year.  Everyone in the community is welcome to participate! 

 Elder Grove PTO

This is where you can find our more about the Elder Grove Parent Teacher Organization!  They are a real asset to Elder Grove and they are constantly working on new projects to make Elder Grove a better place for all of the students who attend!  If you would like to become involved in school this is a great place to start!  Everyone is welcome to attend and there are lots of ways to be involved!

Forms & Downloads

This is where you will find the Elder Grove Student Handbook, Out-Of-District Policy, Applications, etc.

If there is anything else that you need as a parent of an Elder Grove student please do not hesitate to contact  Beth Vogele, School Secretary.  We, the Staff of Elder Grove, consider you, as a parent, to be an integral part of your child's education!