District News

LEGO Robotics Flash Mob

The 7th and 8th grade LEGO Robotics class has been working on effectively using different data types such as time, speed and degrees of rotations.  They had to work together to create a flash mob with their robots by programming them using a form of Scratch Code.  These are just a couple of examples of what they created!!

Keep Montana Green Art Contest Winners

Elder Grove had three middle school students selected for the Keep Montana Green Art contest from Mrs. Stokke's art class. 

Annalie Mollring, Sophia Mathews, and Morghan Kelley were all selected for Honorable Mention in the Junior Division for all of northwestern Montana. Their art posters will be sent to Missoula to be judged at the state level with other winners from all over Montana. We are proud of these Outlaws and their artistic talent!


Honorable Mention Winners

Honorable Mention Winner


Dungeon Division Breakout Room

Fourth grade did a Dungeon Division Breakout Room to practice long division and problem solving skills. The students used teamwork to solve four clues so they could escape. Everyone was freed from the dungeon in time! 


Dungeon Breakout Room2

Dungeon Breakout Room1

Dungeon Breakout Room3

Algebra Animations

Algebra "Old School" Geometry Transformation Animations from Mrs. Yochum's classes. 


These students did an amazing job showing us their math skills in an entertaining way!




ICU Games Winner for 2nd Quarter

Congratulations to Mrs. Stokke's Chicken Teriyaki for winning the ICU Games for 2nd quarter.  This team had the lowest percentage of students on ICU each ICU tournament day to make it to the Championship and become CHAMPIONS.  They won the ICU traveling trophy and decided on Blizzards to celebrate the win. 


Mrs STokkes Class


ICU Winner Bracket


Tower of Books Winners

The Tower of Books is a year long independent reading challenge for grades 2-5. Each quarter, students are challenged to read 20, 30, or 40 books from specific genres and categories. In addition to the student incentives to meet reading goals, there is also a classroom incentive. Elder Grove School is proud to announce that Mrs. Staffileno’s 3rd grade class was awarded the Traveling Trophy for reading the most books during 1st quarter and Mrs. Flanagan’s 4th grade class was awarded the Traveling Trophy for reading the most books during 2nd quarter. 

Congratulations and keep on reading! 

1st Quarter Tower of Books Challenge Winner - Mrs. Staffileno's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs Staffileno Class


Towers of Paper - STEM Challenge

Mrs. Kisling's 2nd grade class participated in a STEM Challenge this week.

The students worked in groups to design, create, and test ways to build a tower out of paper. The first challenge was to build it taller than a ruler-not too tough for either group. But the second challenge was to build it strong enough to hold a chapter book!  They had great conversations, worked together, and came up with some great engineering ideas!

Paper Tower Building Pic 1


Paper Tower Building Pic 2


Paper Tower Building Pic 3


Paper Tower Building Pic 5