NEW Phone System

We have some great news. The new phone system is up and running! We still have some setup to do but we wanted to give you the phone numbers in case you needed to reach us.


Elder Grove Elementary School 406-656-2893

Elder Grove Middle School 406-839-9399 (This will be the official number).

When you call us our menu options have changed. Here is a quick list


0 General Info
1 Attendance
2 Transportation
3 Registration
4 Nurse
5 Counselor
6 Front Office & Admin
7 District Clerk
8 Sports and Activities Information
9 The other school

* To repeat menu

We apologize if you haven't been able to reach us. Our old phone system met it's match with an auger during the playground installation.

We hope you like the new system. Our staff are still working on setting up their voicemail and we have a few things to setup on our end. 


Thanks again for your patience!

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