Safety & Security

Safety and security of our students at Elder Grove School is a top priority. With that in mind we have added security cameras in all hallways and throughout the exterior of the building. Along with our campus our buses are also equipped with four cameras per bus that have audio capabilities.

All of Elder Grove School’s exterior doors are locked with an electronic key system. There are two areas where visitors may enter into the school buildings.


Office for Elder Grove Elementary
1532 S 64th St West is located in building #5 near the big parking lot

Office for Elder Grove Middle School
6281 Hesper Road on south side of the building

Visitors press a doorbell and request access. Secretaries have ability to unlock doors for visitors. Then all visitors have to check in with the secretary before they gain access to the schools. When you visit one of the main offices, the secretaries will “buzz” you into the office, you will sign in, get a visitors pass and then sign out once you leave. The purpose of this is to do a better job of monitoring who is in our buildings which allows us to keep the children safer during the school day.