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Welcome to the Health Enhancement Department at Elder Grove School.

State and national studies show that many Montana school-aged youth engage in health risk behaviors – such as tobacco use, improper diets, and physical inactivity. Since many of these behaviors develop during childhood it places our young people at risk for chronic disease later in life. It is the goal of the Health Enhancement program to help these young people develop skills and obtain the knowledge to avoid high risk behaviors and enjoy an active healthy lifestyle.


Health Enhancement combines the disciplines of “health” and “physical education” into a single curriculum with its focus on health-related outcomes. Concepts learned in the classroom are reinforced in the gymnasium and vice versa. Health is essential to a quality of life and leads directly to improved learning. Health enhancement develops the skills and behaviors necessary for students to become healthy, productive citizens who take personal responsibility for their own well-being as well as social responsibility for the health of their community. Health enhancement is a critical component of the educational process.



The skills that your son/daughter should have after completing this course are:

  • To know the relationship between positive health behaviors and the prevention of injury, illness, disease, and premature death.

  • To develop basic movement skills that are the foundation students need to order to lead a more active and productive life.

  • To identify and understand the application of basic rules and strategies in a variety of physical activities.

  • To develop a certain degree of physical fitness through regular physical activity so they may enjoy an active, productive and healthy life.

  • To develop problem-solving techniques that will make it possible for individuals to transfer health knowledge into healthy lifestyles.

  • To demonstrate ways to communicate care, consideration, and respect for self and others

  • To demonstrate strategies to analyze and manage conflict in healthy ways.

  • To be able to enjoy participation in physical activity.

  • To recognize the social benefits of physical activity.

  • To participate in health-enhancing physical activity outside of school.

  • To work cooperatively with a group to achieve group/team goals in both cooperative and competitive settings.

  • To demonstrate strategies to improve or maintain personal and family health.

The activities and lessons will be organized and presented in a way that will give each student a chance to acquire the skills listed above.

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