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A look into the magnificent world of Mr. Leintz!

In my personal life, I have a wonderful wife and we have been married for five years. I have a little boy named   and he is 15 months old.  A lot of my time goes into playing with him and teaching him important life goals!   All kidding aside it has been fun watching him grow and learn new skills.  He is now walking and climbing over everything!  His favorite word to say is ball as we often play basketball on our mini indoor basketball hoop.  

I’m an avid dog lover and have two, whose names are Zoey and Norman.  When I’m not grading papers, or playing with Logan, they make sure to get a piece of my busy schedule.  Zoey is a Weimaraner that has endless amount of energy that loves to play fetch.  Norman is a pitbull who likes to wrestle and climb trees (this is who teaches Logan all of his wrestling moves).

 I enjoy outdoor activities in the summer such as fishing, camping, walking dogs and playing softball.  In the fall and winter I enjoy watching football (preferably the 49ers) and playing city league basketball. 

Something that many people may not know is that I’m a collector of old video games.  I have over 1,000 nintendo/snes games.  I never have time to play them anymore so they just sit there collecting dust.  There’s only one game my wife and I still play a couple times a month and that is Tetris!  We spin the clock back about 30 years and have heated battles to make those colorful blocks disappear.  I usually beat her pretty good!  But if you see her around, don’t ask her.  She might have a different story to tell!

My real passion in life is teaching!  I love seeing the progress and development of students socially and academically.   I believe that the more involved parents are in their child’s education, the more successful they will be.  Parents are always welcome in my classroom.  If you are interested in coming to visit, share an idea, or help with an activity, please let me know.  The best way to contact me is during school hours is by either email or by calling my extension.


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