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I made this google doc so you can share your thoughts while we're away from school. Share anything you like! Let us know how you're doing and say hello to your classmates. You can also email me pictures and I'll post them here on our webpage. Stay connected and I hope to hear from you!

Please see the "Helpful Links" page on the left to navigate your child to games, songs, and sites that will help keep their educational skills fresh. I am available via email to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please reach out! Check back here for more ways to connect with our class and engage together as I add more resources. I hope to see you all again soon!! Love, Mrs. Dailey


PDF Documents for download - 
I'll be adding pdf documents you can download (and print if you like) to help with skill practice at home. Again, no obligation, just a resource if it's something you and your child are interested in doing. 




The great reaction to our "Seuss Surprise"!