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Saturday, September 24th

Monday, Sept 19th

Early Out
Weds, Sept 21st
All students released at 1PM

Board Meeting
Tues, Sept 27th @ 5:30PM
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8th Grade Trip Garage Sale

On Saturday October 1st from 8AM-6PM the 8th graders will be holding a garage sale in the Little Gym to earn money for their 8th grade trip to Washington DC.

PTO Has It's Own Page

Did you know??  The PTO has it's own page!  Check this page often for information on upcoming events, meetings, and volunteer opportunities!

PTO Page

3rd-8th Grade New ICU Program


I am pleased to announce that Elder Grove School will be starting ICU (Intensive Care Unit) this year.  This program increases the communication from teachers to parents​ on the students completing quality work on all assignments. Assignments are extra practice on the standard that needs to be learned. We want to make sure all the students complete the extra practice in order for them to do well on the final test of the standard. Parents and even students will get text messages when an assignment is not turned in completed to the expectation of the teacher. We have set up multiple different opportunities for the student to come in and get extra help on completing the extra practice. There will be one hour before and after school, lunchtime, and early outs from 1:00-3:00 to get extra support to complete all extra practice work.

Background Screening FREE!

Safety and security are paramount at Elder Grove. To that end we require that every substitute teacher and volunteer complete a background check.

We have great news - the school board has voted to pay for the background checks up until October 31, 2016.  If you are interested in volunteering and/or substitute teaching at Elder Grove now is the time to apply!


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