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PTO Meeting
Monday, April 3rd 6-7PM

Community Forum
Tues, April 4th @ 6:30PM
Big Gym
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Titled "Save the Date"
for more information

Early Out
Thurs, April 13th
All students released at 1pm

NO School
Fri, April 14th

West High Open House
Tues, Apr 25th @ 6PM
West High Auditorium
All incoming parents and students

Student Field Trip to West High
Tues, May 2nd @ 9-10:30AM









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News & Announcements

Preparation for Testing

Here is the latest Assistant Principal Newsletter.

Information about Board of Trustees Elections

We have some Board of Trustee positions opening up this May. If you are interested here is the information on the Close of Registration & the Notice of Annual School Elections.Board

Please feel free to contact Justin Klebe, Superintendent, if you have any questions.


Subs Needed!!!

Elder Grove School is in need of subs. Our sub pool is really low and many of the times we do not have enough subs to cover classes. We then pull paraprofessionals which affects other students and classes. If you are interested in subbing please call the school at 656-2893 ext. 200 for more information. It is a great job and you are able to see your kids throughout the day.

April 4th, 2017 @ 6:30 Community Forum Newsletter


As some of you may know we had a demographic study done to address the growth of Elder Grove’s district. This study confirmed what we thought: Elder Grove School district will continue to experience significant growth. Currently there are 565 students K-8, next year we anticipate having 585 students. We are already growing out of the expansion that was completed the summer of 2014. With our numbers continuously increasing, the board and I feel it is important to be proactive in planning for the future.

The Gazette wrote an important article about the process we are going through. We have a Facility Planning Committee that is made up of parents, community members, teachers, trustees and administration. We meet once a month to discuss Elder Grove and the direction we feel the school should take.

On April 4th at 6:30 we will be hosting a Community Forum in the big gym to share with the community what we have discussed and to get feedback from the community. This will be an interactive forum where we want to hear community members’ visions for our school. The committee will then take the information obtained from the Community Forum and use it to shape and support decisions.t

Save The Date!!!

Community Forum

Where: Elder Grove School's Big Gym

When: April 4th @ 6:30

Facility Planning Committee: This committee has been working to determine school needs and some solutions. They are now at a point needing your comments, thoughts and ideas on their work to date.

  • Idea Sharing
  • Discussion of Goals, Needs, and Solutions:
    • Building, Classroom and Space Needs
    • Community Centered
    • Safety
    • More Class Offerings- elective and honors
    • Cafeteria Needs

Your input is greatly needed and valued. Please make it a point to come to the Community Forum.



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