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Wed, February 17th @ 1PM

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Tues, Feb 23rd @ 5:30PM

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Third Grade Audubon Adventure

The 3rd grade has received a grant that supports our students in the Audubon Science Program.  The program involves three different field trips throughout the year to the Audubon Center at Norms Island.  These field trips are a great way for our 3rd grade classes to experience science outside of the classroom. 

They are completing activities such as fishing for micro organisms in the Yellowstone River, identifying furs and skulls from our wildlife environment, and dissecting owl pellets to help map out food chains in our ecosystem.  This has been an amazing experience for all!

Reading Friends Outlaws love to read!

Each month Mrs. McMorris' 3rd grade class spends time reading stories they have created to Mrs. Frank's 1st grade class.  This is a great opportunity for the students to show their creative side and to be a role model in reading to the younger students. 

Hunter Safety Schedule

The hunter Education Course Schedule is now available. If you would like you can print one off or stop by our Middle School Office for your very own copy in BRIGHT orange!

To print your own click the link below:

Hunter Education Course Schedule


January Newsletter is Here!!!

Hot of the presses! The January Outlaw Express is here!  

Hope you enjoy it!

Vacation to Mars NOVA Theatre Show Stepping into Showbiz!

Show times Friday, Janaury 22nd in the big gym 

9AM School Show 
6PM Community Show

The Elder Grove PTO is sponsoring the NOVA's theatre production of Vacation to Mars.  Over the last two weeks twenty-six students have worked on memorizing lines, learning new songs and dances, reviewing stage terms, etc. It has been a great experience for everyone involved!

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