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Sat, Sept 23rd
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Mon, Sept 25th

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Elder Grove Made the News - Again!

Elder Grove made the news once again!

Link to Q2 news article on overcrowding


The Community Forum is this Thursday, September 14th at 6:30PM. We hope you can join us. We are looking forward to input from our community.


Morning Muffins

The Student Council has Morning Muffins the first Friday of every month, with a few exceptions. The proceeds from the morning muffins allows the Student Council to complete a service project every year. For the past two years they saved up their monies and purchased, with some help from the PTO, the reader board that is at the front of our school.

Here is the upcoming schedule:

Morning Muffin ScheduleBlueberry Muffin

Billings Gazette Article about upcoming Sept. 14th Community Forum

Please click on the link Community Forum to read the Gazette's article about next weeks Comminty Forum. Matt Hoffman, from the Gazette, did a great job explaining what Elder Grove is up against and what will be discussed during the Forum. Please take a moment to read this great article.

Community Forum September 14th @ 6:30

The Facility Planning Committee has been working really hard getting ready for the Community Forum on September 14th at 6:30 in the big gym. During this forum the committee will present the process that we have gone through for the past six months as well as solutions that have the goals that the community told us during the Spring Community Forum.  The frist 30 minutes will be informational and the rest will be interactive. Please mark September 14th at 6:30 on your calendar and attend the Community Forum. Be part of the Solution of Elder Grove's growing pains.

We Love our New Sign


Thanks to the Student Council and the EGPTO we are excited to announce the new Reader Board Signelectronic sign in front of the school!

The sign was purchased through fundraising efforts of Student Council & the EGPTO. The Student Council sold suckers, morning muffins, pizza lunches, and many more items to fund this project. The PTO had carnivals, Saturday Live, etc and was very supportive. This was a 2 year, in-the-making project, and it has been amazing to see it finally come to fruition!

We look forward to utilizing the sign, putting up announcements and events throughout the year to communicate with our wonderful Elder Grove community.

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