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Mon, Mar 15th




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Algebra Animations

Algebra "Old School" Geometry Transformation Animations from Mrs. Yochum's classes. 


These students did an amazing job showing us their math skills in an entertaining way!




ICU Games Winner for 2nd Quarter

Congratulations to Mrs. Stokke's Chicken Teriyaki for winning the ICU Games for 2nd quarter.  This team had the lowest percentage of students on ICU each ICU tournament day to make it to the Championship and become CHAMPIONS.  They won the ICU traveling trophy and decided on Blizzards to celebrate the win. 


Mrs STokkes Class


ICU Winner Bracket


Tower of Books Winners

The Tower of Books is a year long independent reading challenge for grades 2-5. Each quarter, students are challenged to read 20, 30, or 40 books from specific genres and categories. In addition to the student incentives to meet reading goals, there is also a classroom incentive. Elder Grove School is proud to announce that Mrs. Staffileno’s 3rd grade class was awarded the Traveling Trophy for reading the most books during 1st quarter and Mrs. Flanagan’s 4th grade class was awarded the Traveling Trophy for reading the most books during 2nd quarter. 

Congratulations and keep on reading! 

1st Quarter Tower of Books Challenge Winner - Mrs. Staffileno's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs Staffileno Class


Towers of Paper - STEM Challenge

Mrs. Kisling's 2nd grade class participated in a STEM Challenge this week.

The students worked in groups to design, create, and test ways to build a tower out of paper. The first challenge was to build it taller than a ruler-not too tough for either group. But the second challenge was to build it strong enough to hold a chapter book!  They had great conversations, worked together, and came up with some great engineering ideas!

Paper Tower Building Pic 1


Paper Tower Building Pic 2


Paper Tower Building Pic 3


Paper Tower Building Pic 5

Students Send Cards

We are a bit behind on our news but we wanted to share a heart warming story. Mrs. Dailey's 4th grade class made cards for nurse Ellen as she struggled with Covid in the ICU. Thankfully she is out of the hospital now but we wanted to share with everyone. The kids went above and beyond and were incredibly thoughtful and creative with the cards and pictures they made her.

Pictures of cards students sent to nurse

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