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PTO Meeting
Monday, August 14th
Rio Sabina's
6:00 PM

Open House
Monday, August 21st Time

First Day of School 2017-2018
Wednesday, August 23rd
8:00 AM

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News & Announcements

Save the Date for Battle of I-90 in August

The end of the school year is almost here and that means we start preparing for football next year. The Battle of I-90 will soon be upon us. Please save the date of Saturday, August 26th! There will be a pregame potluck 4:00-6:30PM in Pioneer Park. Game will start at 7:00PM. 

Please register for the Community Pregame Potluck. See the Battle of I-90 Flyer for more details!

Battle of I90 Flyer

Super Science Animal Research Reports

Mrs. Schumacher's 1st Grade ClassroomMonkey

...sharing one of my favorite projects of the year...1st grader's read and researched an animal of their choice.  We covered numerous 1st Grade standards with this report.  We learned how to research, how to write a rough draft, how to compose a written report, how to present to an audience and how to listen to others speak in front of a group of peers all while having fun and cheering on our classmates.  



Elder Grove's Demographic Study

Demographic Study (The Statistical Study of Populations)Demographic Study

I have been at Elder Grove for 15 years. During this time I have seen Elder Grove grow from just over 300 students to its present population of 565 students. We project our student population to be 585 students next year. Fifteen years ago most of our students came from farms or houses spread throughout our rural community. Today, most of our students come from suburban communities with only a few coming from farms. Through statistical analysis, demographic studies can project changes in population. With our rapidly growing student population, the board followed my recommendation to do such a study to determine what the growth of our school district will probably be in 5 years, 10 years and 15 years.

The Elder Grove Demographic Study information guides us in the planning for our future. To review the results of our study click on Elder Grove Demographic Study

More 8th Grade Trip Photos Added

Mr. Klebe has sent us some more photos from the 8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C. Take a moment to view the

8th Grade Trip Gallery to view the latest photos!

Washington D.C.

8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C.

8th Grade Trip

The 8th grade class is on a trip to Washington D.C. They will visit many historical sites, landmarks, and experience some hands-on learning about this great country of ours! We hope you enjoy the photos of their experiences. If they were to send us a postcard, it would most likely read, 'Wish you were here!'

Feel free to share these photos with the younger Outlaws to see if they recognize the older Outlaws and the places they are visiting! Take a mini-virtual vacation by viewing the 8th Grade Trip Photo Gallery

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